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6 Benefits of Self Hosted WordPress (WP) Blogging Compared to Free Platforms

Welcome to our WordPress tutorial for beginners series and in this tutorial post, you are going to see 6 benefits of the self hosted WordPress blogging platforms and also includes disadvantages too.

Benefits of Self Hosted WordPress Blog


There are lots of benefits or advantages are with self hosted WordPress blogging platform ( as compared to WordPress .com. If you are choosing blogging as serious hobby or job, then you have to think before going to make new blog. Is it in free or self hosted

Below gives some of the main advantage and disadvantages of self hosted WordPress over free platforms.

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Advantages of Self Hosted WP (WordPress.ORG)

1. You are the owner of your blog SERVER

The ownership of the server is one of the most important benefits as compared with free blogging platforms like or That is you can store your blog or website files, medias and documents in your own space. Self hosting means your computer is act as server.

But most of the people prefers third party web hosting companies such as Bluehost, Hostgator and Godday (one of the famous in web hosting services) which can provide all the advantages parts to users, instead of making own computer as server. The only thing you have do is pay some bucks for the online storage space for your blog.

For getting an self hosted blog, you need some initial investment is one of the disadvantage, but it can make lot of advantages in basis of full freedom control, search engine optimization (SEO), branding, professional look, flexibility, monetizing with advertising, affiliation etc.

Where as in free blogging platform, there is on initial investment, but the above mentioned things will not get and difficulty to get professional look; ultimately, there is very less control over your blog. Another cons of free blogging platform is that turn off your site without informing you due to some unknown reasons like many times happen with my blogspot blogs in to me.

So, better you can spend some penny for buying online web hosting service for self hosted WP blog for more benefits.

2. Install Custom Theme as You Like

Installing a custom professional WordPress theme is one of the main advantages of the self hosted WordPress blog ( which is not possible with free blogs. And it also give full support for maintaining the themes; helps to get good professional look for your blog.

You can customize, modify and do whatever changes need in the WP themes as you installed. By doing this, you can create good impression on your blog and make them to bookmark your site.

Always remember “First Impression is The Best Impression”.

3. WP Plugins means Blog Flexibility

By using a self hosting WP blog, you are actually achieving the new ability called “flexibility” to your blog as compared with free platforms. You can upload and install any WordPress plugins as per your need and make your blog as per your need. For an example,  If you want to make an web store associated with your blog/website, WP plugins will help you to create it with simple steps.

4. Easy to Install and Use

WordPress blog installation on your own web hosting is very simple and easy. The third party web hosting like Hostgator or bluehost provides apps like Softaculous or Fantastico , helps you to install wordpress on your host within 2-3 minutes. The wordpress user interface is very easy to use and manage things around it.

If you are newbie on WordPress blogging, just follow my WordPress tutorial for beginners which are actually made for you guys.

5. Search Engine Loves Self hosted WP

WordPress developers develop its syntax and coding which are easy to access and attractive to search engine robots like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Due to simple and clean layouts, permalinks settings, SEO WordPress plugins which helps to makes your WP blog more visible to search engines. Ultimately, the WP developers are always to trying to get more traffic to your blog/website via Search engines.

6. Make Money From Your Own Ads

By owing a self hosting WP provides freedom to show your own ads or third party advertising networks such as Google Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks etc and make money with your blog. You don’t have to share your earnings with any other guys or free blogging platforms.

Disadvantages of Self hosting WP

1. Needs Initial Investment for Web hosting and Domain name

It is one of the main disadvantage, but I already mentioned earlier, you will get benefited by investing something, if you are really going to do a serious or professional blogging. Major web hosting companies like Bluehost and Hostgator provides online space with better customer support and blogging softwares which costs around $5-7 dollar per month and domain name costs around $10 per year. In my opinion, you can afford this initial investment and you will feel its benefits in future.

2. Newbies Afraid to Initial Investment

Newbies have very less knowledge in blogging filed and so they should afraid to invest for getting self hosted WP blog. In such cases, they can go for free blogging platform like or blogger and later on also possible to transfer their blog from to It is also applies to blogspot bloggers too.


Overall, Self hosting WordPress blogs have their own advantages which helps beginner level blogger to get their blogs first in search engine pages and provides professional looks, brand and full control over the site. As compared to free blogging platforms, better to go for, if you are trying to take blogging as serious carrier or you need to get processional look and flexibility to your blogs.

If you completely new in blogging area, better to try out with or free platforms which is free of cost and no additional design knowledge needed to create a blog. So, I hope you guys understand something about the advantages of self hosting WP blogs or websites. If you have any suggestions and ideas, share within the comment box for making the article more knowledgeable which will get benefits others.

Share your honest opinions about this WordPress tutorial blog and thank you friends.

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