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Create Your Own Logo for Free using DesignEvo

Welcome to “ Online Software Tutorials” and today, you are going to learn create your own logo professionally for free using DesignEvo. Most of the people are planning to start new online business in today’s world. They have variety of ideas and creativity that helps them to make target and plans.

But, most of them fail to choose compelling business logo or company logo. It is very important to make an elegant logo for your business or website. Professional logo design gives first impression on your company which leads the way to SUCCESS. Now, you can remember the quote “First Impression is the BEST“.

Here, I am going to share free online logo maker which helps you to create your own logo professionally. Its name is “DesignEvo“. You are going to see what DesignEvo, its features is and how to design your own logo with DesignEvo.

What is DesignEvo & Features to create your Own Logo?

DesignEvo is free online logo maker tool which helps to design your company or business logo within 2-3 minutes. It is fully loaded with 5000+plus professional logo design (logo templates).  You can edit each logo templates to make it unique and stylish.

It is one of the good online software for making professional logo design. The DesignEvo online apps user interface is very simple and tools are well arranged. Even normal man or woman can use it without any trouble.


The design interface contains four options; icons, text, shape and background.


It is reloaded with millions of icons, symbols or cliparts which are very helpful to make professional logo design. You can search by using the keywords as related your business topic. It will show your lot of icons or pictures and choose one or more for your design. The choices are up to you only.


This section is mainly designed for making Logo name and Logo slogan. It contains two subsections of styles; Classic and Art. Classic contains attractive Fonts classified as Bold, Modern, traditional, Handwriting and funny. The Art section contains word art which can directly apply for logo name or slogan.


There is bunch of shape categories which helps to create your own logo for adding the outline or other styles. The available subcategories are Badge, decoration, line, Solid shape, Outlined shape, Banner and symbol.


The background of logo is important and it decides the looks of your own business logo. You can select the transparent background or select other types of colors (solid, document and gradient colors).


You can control the each layers in the Designevo free online logo maker application. You can delete, duplicate and add effects to like in Photoshop. It is not that much complex, but simple. You can add two or more icons, text and control the positions by using layers. It helps to send forward or backward.

Preview and Save

Preview option helps to see it on different templates of your business card, letterhead, website logo template, T-shirt art, company wall art etc. It will make you to decide what is good and bad. You can save each and every progress. Next time, you should access it through the accounts page.

These are the features and tools which are used in DesignEvo online software. These features should know before going to make your own logo using this free online logo maker.  Let us see how to create logo using DesignEvo online app in step by step with aid of pictures.


You can download your logo for free by giving credits to DesignEvo. You can share about DesignEvo in social sites or your own websites and will give credit in return. There are other paid options are available and you can invest the money according to it.

How to Create Your Own Logo using DesignEvo

Here, you are going to see example for creating simple logo using DesignEvo logo templates. Let us start it.

Important things to remember:-

  1. Connect your Windows PC with Internet
  2. Decide your Logo name and Logo Slogan
  3. Plan icons/text/shape for to create your own logo

Step 1 : Open DesignEvo Website

Open your default web browser in your Windows PC. And type and press enter on your keyboard. Visit Site here


You can see DesignEvo website. Here, you can try to make your own logo by clicking on “make a logo” button.


For download designed logo, you need to save in DesignEvo account. So, you have to create DesignEvo account to design your own logo.

Step 2: How to Create DesignEvo Account to Make Your Own Logo

You can find the “Signup” button in the right most corner of DesignEvo website. Click on it and you can see Pop-up Sign up window.


Enter your email and password to create account. You can use any of email (gmail, yahoo, Hotmail etc) here. You can also use your Facebook or Google account directly signup to this free online logo maker online software.

You will get account confirmation mail on your email account. Confirm your mail account and the verification process is completed.

Step 3: Select One Suitable Logo template

Here, onward your Logo design process starts. You have to select one suitable logo template. I will show you a small example for doing it. You can explore DesignEvo online software and learn it easily and free of cost.

First, click on “Make a Logo” button found on the Top left corner of the website.


It will direct to the logo template selection page. Here, you can find more than 5000 professional logo templates which can narrate your business idea.

Use the search bar to search template for your idea. For example search as “design” in search bar.


Click on One Logo Template which suits to your idea.

Then, a pop-up window will appear and ask to enter your Logo name and Logo slogan; no need to enter both of them. You can do it later too. But, entering my business name as logo name. I don’t have slogan and not enter it here.


Click on “Get Started” button and you will direct to DesignEvo free online logo maker app.

How To Delete Logo Slogan Item?

Here , I am going to delete Slogan name part, because I don’t have it. You are also going to learn how to delete an item from the DesignEvo logo maker app.

For deleting it, select the item by clicking on it. Then, Move your mouse button to top right most corner of DesignEvo user interface and click on the delete button. It will remove the slogan name part. This way you can delete any of item or part of logo design from your design interface.



Select Item using mouse left button –> click on Delete button or use Keyboard delete button of your pc.

How to change font of Logo Name “CAD Tutor”?

Now, I will show you how to change the CAD Tutor (logo name) font.

Select “CAD Tutor” or logo name. then , You can see “text” category on the side bar of DesignEvo user interface and click on it. It will open the bunch of fonts with appropriate classification. You can select any one of them by clicking on it. Font will change to selected one.


Select Logo name –> go to “text” section –> Select font

How to Change Logo Icon

Now, I have to change Logo icon which suitable to my idea. CAD Tutor is related to Engineering and you have select icon related to the engineering topic.

First select your Logo icon by clicking on the logo.


Go to “Icon” section and search “cad” keywords. Scroll down the cad icons to find suitable one.

Click on the new icon and it will replace selected icon in your online design app interface.

How to Edit Icon in Logo Icon?

You can edit logo icon by adding new color scheme, Flip position horizontally or vertically and provide opacity effect to it.


Select icon and these edit options will automatically appears on the user interface.

Click on the “color” button and select one appropriate color here. There are three types of color variants available here; Document colors, Solid color and gradient color. Here I selecting one gradient color “gradient blue”.


You can change the opacity by clicking on the “effect” button. Here I am keeping the opacity as 100%.


You can also duplicate icon by clicking on the “Duplicate” button. “Layer” button helps to set the position of one more items in the interface which is back or front.

How to edit Logo Name (CAD Tutor)?

Click on “Cad Tutor” to select it.


This time, the edit options are different and have panel of text editing tool like in your word processor software.


You can change font, size, color, make it bold or italic, uppercase or lowercase, effect and format. You already set the font and size of it.

You can change the color by clicking on the color button and select suitable one. Here I prefers the color as “solid black” color.


Click on the “Effect” button to add opacity, outlined color and shadow/glow to the logo name.


Click on the “format” button to edit the logo letter spacing, alignment, line height and letter curving. Here I made my logo name to slightly curve upwards using the curve.



You can shapes or background color to design using the Shapes and Background section. Here, I am keeping the background as transparent for better result.

I am done by editing the logo. You can click on “Preview” button to see the logo in different scenarios.


Click on the “Save” button to save it in Cloud server of DesignEvo. It is very fast and you can access it any time from your DesignEvo account.

How to Edit Resolution?

Below the Logo design interface, you can see toolbar which contains resolution, grid and logo layout options.


How to download your own Created logo?

Click on “Download” button and direct to three options which shown below.


For download free logo, click on “Choose” under give credit option. Share it your social media site or blog and download it for free.

This is the way to use DesignEvo free online logo maker to create your own logo and download it to your computer. The free option is suitable for personal or non-business bloggers. You can create stunning professional logo using DesignEvo. For business use, Plus option is recommended and have vector files and print access for their letter pad, business card, diary, files, company wall design etc.

I hope you should enjoy the DesignEvo tutorial for making your own logo for free. I tried to explain important things here and that makes tutorial become lengthier.

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