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Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review: The Pros and Cons 2018

Hostgator WordPress hosting is one of the best web hosting suited for small business entrepreneurs, professional bloggers and personal blogs. WordPress apps are very easy to setup and without any complications. Hostgator is also one of the best web hosting service provider gives lot of freedom for their customers.

They provide unlimited web space and domains, unmetered bandwidth and other helpful contents as compared with godaddy, bluehost, squareone etc.  The WordPress hosting costs are also very attractive and less than other web hosting companies.  These are main advantages of Hostgator WordPress hosting.

Like every products, Hostgator WP hosting have certain cons too. Let us see the detailed pros and cons of Hostgator WordPress hosting review .

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review: Overview


The Pros

  • Highly reliable hosting
  • Fastest performance
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Low hosting cost
  • Flexible periods of billing
  • Very user friendly cpanel
  • Migrate freely

The Cons

  • No free domain offers
  • No discounts for renewals

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The above lists of pros and cons just an overview only. Let see each pros and cons in detail to find out whether its suits to you or not.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review: The Pros

Highly Reliable Hosting

Reliability is one of the needful feature which ever want for a web hosting. That means, your WordPress blog available for 365 days (24/7) without any downtime. It always guarantee 99.99% up-time. Hostgator also provide additional credit if you experience any downtime during your contract period.

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

This is an awesome thing for testing the Hostgator WordPress hosting services for extra 15 days as compared with other host providers (30 days only). You can test the features within these days and make choice before locked in to 1 to 5 year services. The money back guarantee is only for shared, reseller or VPS hosting services. For WordPress hosting, refunding is available.

Fastest Performance

If you want to get more sales or money, you need fast loading pages. The page loading speed depends on your web hosting bandwidth and performances. For this matter, Hostgator WordPress hosting provides faster performance than other cheap web hosting providers.

24×7 Customer Support

As a customer of Hostgator, it has good customer support and provides 24×7. The chat live interface is best one of the feature in customer support. If you have any doubt, you can ask in chat live and within minutes, one of the helper will be available for you. And their guidance is also much helpful for beginners and intermediate bloggers.

Low Hosting Cost

In terms of hosting prices, Hostgator WordPress hosting provides in three plans such as Hatchling, baby and business plans. The three plans main differences are in terms of domains, private SSL, email and dedicated ip address. Baby plan is one of the recommended one, which provides unlimited domain support, unmetered bandwidth and web space. Hostgator baby plan is best if you have planned to extend your business with more than single blog. Otherwise, hatchling plan is good ($2.75/month).

Flexible Periods of Billing

Flexibility in billing period is completely depends on you. When you are buying new web hosting plan from Hostgator, you can select it for a month, year or years. In my experience, you can buy it for 5 years. It will give you more discounts and will get the plan for best price as compared to other hosting providers.

Very User Friendly cPanel

Hostgator cpanel is the interface where you can access your blog storage space, email apps, WordPress apps and other CMS programs. Cpanel is very simple and easy to use even if you are beginner. The basic knowledge in blogging and computer is enough to master the hosgator cpanel.

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Migrate freely

Migration to Hostgator is completely free for new customers with free of cost. You can transfer your old hosting account from godaddy or bluehost to Hostgator. The customer service will do it completely free for new customers.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting Review: The Cons

No Free Domain Offers

Hostgator will not provide any free domain registration while buying new web or WordPress hosting services like bluehost or godaddy. You can buy new domain from Hostgator, but prices are high ($15/domain)  as compared with other domain registrars. As compared with other Hostgator services, it is not a big problem. Because you can buy domain from cheap domain services and link with Hostgator WordPress hosting.

No Discounts for Renewals

Most of the time Hostgator web hosting services does not provide any discounts for extending validity of them. In case of any special days, you will get some offers on renewals. This is not a big issue too. Remember one thing, when you are buying new web hosting account, buy it for long term (at least 5 years) and you will get it with massive discount rate. Especially in any special day celebration like black Friday, Christmas, Easter, new-year etc.

Conclusion: What is your choice, Yes or No?

After reading Hostgator WordPress Hosting review, what are you thinking about it? Is it your choice or not?

In terms of hosting fees, features, performances and customer support Hostgator WordPress hosting is great for beginners and intermediate bloggers or professionals. It provide very user friendly environment to get used with hosting services with great tutorials and walkthroughs for various kinds of problems. For these, it is rightful choice fro starting new blogs with Hostgator or transfer the existing one for long term contract.

There are 2.5 million customers already using the Hostgator services for their websites or blogs. The features and services provided by Hostgator will help you to bring your blog/website to next level.

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