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How to Buy Domain Name From GoDaddy Domain Registration Service

Hi friends, welcome to WordPress Tutorial for beginners series and in this I am going to show you how to buy domain name from GoDaddy domain registrar for your new self hosted WP blog. GoDaddy is one of the best in domain registration services which provide top level domains in very cheap price and 24×7 customer support.

There are millions of customer is registering their domains with GoDaddy because:-

Low price

Wide variety of selection

24×7 customer support

Simple domain setup and supports domain forwarding

Provides security features like Privacy protection, Business protection and certified domain

ShoutMetutorials was promoting a GoDaddy offer which let users get a new domain for $0.99.

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I love to provide free Tutorial tips like above post on In order to fund my internet connection and blog expenses (hosting, domain and others services), I added some of the promotional links below this tutorials. If you click one of those links and make a purchase, I may earn a small referral commission. These earnings come from the company I’m recommending, and are at NO EXTRA COST to you. Thank you.


Other than GoDaddy, I also prefer NameCheap to buy domain name for your new wordpress blog.

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How to Buying Web Domain or URL Tutorials

Before Purchase Domain Name

For any website/blog, you should need an address to access and explore the contents through it. This web address is also known as “Domain name or web domain or website URL or URL or domain”. Therefore it is one of the important step before creating a new blog.

Actually, your web domain or URL represents your blog completely as brand, if you are select it wisely. What I mean is that before purchasing a Domain name, certain things you have to take care for getting good search engine ranking, traffic, authenticity, followers and especially making money with it. So, you should need a good research to get extraordinary domain. And it will definitely worth in future either in terms of money or business.

Below I am listed certain points to remember before doing the domain registration.

  1. Do good keyword research and find good traffic > 4000 monthly global searches
  2. Try to get Domain name with memorable and don’t  for get to include main keyword
  3. Use Top Level domain like .COM, .NET or .ORG
  4. Avoid numbers and hyphens from the domain names
  5. Don’t take keyword with spelling issues
  6. Don’t use domains close to other brands results copyright infringements

There is no need to follow everything listed above. But do not avoid the keyword search and top level domains points. You can see the advantages of selecting well researched domain name in future. You can also read the 12 Rules for selecting the perfect web domain for your WP blog

OK, I think you understand the important points as mentioned above. You should remember these points before going to purchase the web domain. Let us see domain purchasing tutorial from GoDaddy.

Watch WordPress Video Tutorial for Buying Web Domain:-

How to Register Domain Name using GoDaddy URL Registrar

Step 1: Go To GoDaddy Home Page

Open your Internet browser and enter the “” in the address bar and click enter on your keyboard. Then you can see the home page of the GoDaddy web domain services. Here I am using Mozilla Firefox and the preview is shown below.


Step 2: Search your Keyword for Domain Name


Here you can find the domain search bar and enter your researched keywords here one by one. Click on the “search” button. Then, you can see the availability of domain names related your keyword with exact matching.

Here I am entered keyword as “WordPress tutorial for beginners” and searched. It shows availability of exact domain name as shown in the figure.


If you are satisfied with search, click on the “Select” button to verify and add to your GoDaddy buying cart. Here I am selected the “” as new URL.


Then click on the “Continue to Cart” button which is marked in the above figure.

Before going to cart page, another page will appear which is shown below. It asks about buying of web hosting, website builder, domain privacy protection etc. No need to buy anything from it, because each feature has their own charges. It is just like promotional page.

The “Privacy Protection” feature is recommended by ShoutMeTutorials.COM. Because it helps to your domain registrar details like your name, contact information’s, and IP address safe from hackers. Otherwise, your domain as remain as Public domain. Nothing wrong in it, but you will feel some insecurity and will get lot of spam emails to your email which is used to register the web address.


Scroll down and click on the “Continue to Cart” button once again.

Step 3: Proceed to Checkout


Then you can see the GoDaddy cart page. Inside the cart page, you can also see the buying information’s like domain price, validity, other feature add-ons, related local area domain names etc.

After selecting all these click on the “Proceed to checkout”.

Step  4 : Login to GoDaddy Accoount/ Create New Account


Next step is signing in to your GoDaddy account; for that click on “Log in”. If you don’t have an account, click on the “Continue” button in the “New Customers” section.  It will direct to new GoDaddy account creation form page. Fill it up with your personal details and mobile number.

Step 5: Payment for Buying Web Domain

It will direct to the Billing and payment page.


Enter your billing information’s and select the payment method.

Different payment methods available in GoDaddy account are Debit card, Credit Card, Net banking, Moneybookers, Cash cards, union pays and Mobile payments. You can select any of the payment method and pay the price of your domain name. After 10 to 20 minutes, your domain name registration will completed just after payment and ready to use it on your blog or website.

Note for Readers: For buying new domain name, you have to first register with domain registrar as you want to purchase web domain from it. That means you have to create a account with registrar website. It is completely free and requires your name, present address, mobile number and email id.

Get New .COM Domain Names from Godaddy $.99 only .

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