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Windows Tutorials 10: Change Desktop Background Picture

Are you fan of desktop background images? Do you have craze in adding the desktop background pictures to your desktop? Then this windows 10 tutorial actually made for you. It is very simple tutorial shows how to add or change the desktop background images in Windows 10 operating system.

About Windows 10:-

Windows 10 is one of the latest operating system released by Microsoft with latest features and improvements. In this OS, lot of them are not familiar with certain things because of the small changes as compared to windows 7 or windows 8/8.1. Here I am going show the one of the major change in windows 10 os is “personalization” or “customization” option. The entire settings option user interface is remolded and now its look like really smooth and simple. Windows 10 still uses the control panel, but you can find most of windows 10 features in settings page. Anyway let us see how to add new images as your desktop background. Read this wikipage to know more.

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You need:

  • Pictures or HD wallpapers
  • Computer with Windows 10 OS

How to Add/Change Desktop Background

Step 1


First, move your mouse pointer to Windows 10 Startmenu button and click on the left mouse button. Then you can see the startmenu; from that click on the “Settings” option which is shown in above image.

Step 2


The above image shows the dialogue box of settings page. Here you have to click on the “Personlization” option which is also marked in the above image.

Step 3


Then it will direct you to Personalization page which contains options like Background, Colors, Lock Screen, Themes and Start. Here you need to change desktop background picture. So, select the “background” option (Default background option is always as selected by PC itself).

Step 4

Windows 10 Desktop background Using Picture Option.


Select the “Picture” option and then chose your picture either by browsing or default images. The below that “Choose Fit” option and select the proper fit for setting the image suitable for desktop.

If you don’t like any images as desktop screen, you can also use the any Solid color as your screen background. Below shows how to add solid color as screen background.

Windows 10 Desktop background Using Solid Color Option


Select the “Solid Color” option in background section. Then solid color pallets (Background Colors) will appear which is shown in the above image. Select one of your favorite color and which will be your windows 10 desktop background is shown below.


Windows 10 Customization: Additional Information:-


Background is also called as Desktop background, which contains preview of the desktop background with startmenu. So, you could easily get live view of changes as you made in this section.

Just below the preview there is “Background” section. It contains the three options such as Picture, Solid Color and Slideshow.

Actually you need this section, because your aim is to change the picture of the windows 10 desktop background. It provides three background options which is explained below.

Picture: You can simply browse one of your favorite picture in PC and just add it. You can only add one picture.

Solid Color: Instead of adding pictures, you can set your desktop background with solid color.

Slideshow: If you want to show one or more wallpapers on your desktop, use this option. Each picture will automatically change in the set time interval. See How to Create Windows 10 Themes in OS, for knowing the usage of slideshow option.

This way you can easily change the windows 10 desktop background with very less efforts. In these windows 10 tutorials all the steps are explained with help of images. If you have any doubt about this post please feel free to share your opinions and thank you friends.

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