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How to Compress ISO File | PowerISO Tutorial 4

Hai friends, Welcome to “ – The Computer Software Tutorial blog” and you are going to learn to compress ISO file image with Power ISO software. After compression, ISO file convert to DAA file format (Direct Access Archive). ISO compression is very useful and make them fit into your hard disk space or DVD. It is suitable features of Power ISO software enables to compress ISO file into smaller daa file image. Here, you are going to see an example and you will find level of data compression by analyzing the result.

How to Use Power ISO Software to Compress ISO

This tutorial is did in Windows 10 and you can follow the step by step with pictures and videos. Let us see how to compress ISO file image with PowerISO. Same time, you are also learning how to convert ISO file to DAA format.

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Important things required to Compress ISO File

  1. Power ISO software. If you don’t have Download Power ISO software.
  2. Source ISO file (here 462 MB sized ISO file image)

Step 1: Open PowerISO Software

Open The Power ISO software as administrator in your Windows 10 Operating system. For that Right click on the Power ISO icon on desktop and select “Run as Administrator”.


From the appearing Dialogue box, click to “Yes” for running the ISO software as administrator app. Then you can see the PowerISO user interface.

Step 2

Go to Toolbar and click on “Compress”.


From the appearing dialogue box, first select the “Source ISO file” and “destination file” automatically set to same place. Destination file format is “.daa”. So, don’t worry about replacement of ISO file.


Click on the “Advanced properties”.


From the appearing dialogue box, select the “best (slowest)” compression method in compression section.


Best (slowest) is good option and will get maximum compression of your files. Other compression methods are “Normal” and “Better”.

Click “OK”.


Then again click “OK” on compress dialogue box.


The ISO file compression begins and final daa file got size 123 MB (source file size was 462 MB).

Watch How to Compress ISO File Video Tutorial:-

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