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How to Create ISO File Using PowerISO | PowerISO Tutorial 2

Hai friends, Welcome to “ – The Computer Software Tutorial blog” and you are going to learn to create ISO file using Power ISO software. ISO is file format which is used optical disc image archive file. That means, you can save an optical disc (CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc) data contents to ISO file image. It is very useful when you are having to transfer big PC games files, CAD/Graphics design software files etc. You don’t need to write these files into lot of DVD’s. By making ISO files, you are saving time and transfer data without any loss.

You can follow the same steps of this PowerISO tutorial for making DAA (Direct Access Archive), CDRWin images (.bin), or Standard ISO images (.iso) file formats. Power ISO is one of the best ISO maker software in market, because of that prefer to create ISO file using it.

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How to Use Power ISO as ISO Creator Software

This tutorial is done in Windows 10 Operating system. You need certain things to create ISO file in your system.

Important things required to Create ISO File

  1. Power ISO software. If you don’t have Download Power ISO software.
  2. Files to make ISO file

Let us see step by step Power ISO tutorial for making ISO file image from computer hard disk.

Step 1: Open Power ISO software

Open The Power ISO software as administrator in your Windows 10 Operating system. For that Right click on the Power ISO icon on desktop and select “Run as Administrator”.


From the appearing Dialogue box, click to “Yes” for running the ISO software as administrator app. Then you can see the PowerISO user interface.


Step 2

From the “Properties bar”, click on the marked region in the below image to select CD/DVD as per your disc capacity preference. You can also use the “custom” size option where enter the ISO disk size needed.


Step 3

From the “Toolbar”, you have click on “Add” options for adding the files from your computer harddisk to Power ISO File viewer and manager.



You can also use the “Action” menu for adding files to this ISO maker software.


Select data files (videos, music , game or software files) from our harddisk.


You can see the size of the DVD in property bar.

You can also add “New folder” or “Change Label” of your ISO file using the “Action menu”.


Step 4: Create ISO File

Click on “Save” button in the Toolbar or go to “File menu” and click on “save”.


Then you will see dialogue box shown below.


You should enter the ISO image file name and select save type as “Standard ISO images (.iso)”. and also show the path to save new ISO file. Click on “save”.


Then you can see the file is saving to ISO file format. You can open it using Power ISO software or any other ISO creator or ISO mounting software.

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Disclaimer:- is not related or affiliated with Power Software Ltd. The purpose of this How to tutorial blog is educate people about all in one ISO software manager for various uses like mounting, burning, create bootable disc, ISO creator and ISO converter.

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