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Windows 10 Tutorials 1: How to Create New Microsoft Account for Windows 10

Microsoft account is one of the important needs of a windows 10 operating system user. Most of the Microsoft apps and services such as Cortana, Calendar, OneNote, Weather, Skype, MS office, Xbox, Bing, MSN, Edge browser etc are working with the Microsoft account. When open the listed apps in your windows 10 OS, it will always ask to sign in to account. If you have other mail client such as Gmail, yahoo or hotmail, it will not be useful for working of the OS apps. So, you must need a new account for smooth working of apps inside the windows 10.

This is part of Windows 10 Tutorials showing how to create new Microsoft account for windows 10 operating system. It is very easy and simple and free as like Gmail or yahoo account creation.

This tutorial showing two ways to create Microsoft account; one is using windows 10 OS and other is using Microsoft outlook official website.

One of the important things needed are:

  • Windows PC
  • Internet connection
  • Gmail/Yahoo mail id (optional)

Let us see the step by step image tutorial for creating new accounts in Microsoft.

Method-1: Microsoft Account Using Windows 10 PC

This is the first method for making free Microsoft mail account using your windows 10 pc.

Step 1: Start Windows 10 PC

First “Power On” your computer and wait for seeing the lock screen as shown in image below. If you are confused the different names of UI, see the Windows 10 User Interface post.


Then click on the lock screen using your mouse pointer. It direct to your windows 10 user account. If you already have password, just enter on the user sign in page like as shown below.


When you press “Enter” button on your keyboard, it will direct to the windows 10 desktop.


Step 2

Click on the “Start menu” button using mouse left button or press windows key in your keyboard. You can always find the start menu button on the left corner of Taskbar. Select the “Settings” options like as marked in the below image.


Then a new dialogue box will appear; from that click on the “Accounts” button using the mouse left button.


Step 3

It will direct to accounts setting page. It is two parts; sidebar contains the different account settings options and right shows the display of them.


You must click on “Your Account” tab in the sidebar of that box (default selection is always on “Your account” option). It displays the related settings in the right side. Scroll down to “Other account use” section. You should click on the “Add a Microsoft Account”, which is shown in the figure.

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Make sure your PC is connected with internet. It will direct to “Add a Microsoft Account” box. You need to create new account. For that click on the “Create One” is shown in the below image.


Step 4

Then you can see a simple application form for creating a Microsoft account. The form contains very simple questions like your first last name, your old Gmail/yahoo mail or you can create new mail address with, account password, country and date of birth.


Then click “Next” and direct to “Add security info” page which is for protecting your account. You can add either mobile phone number or alternate email id of any account. The security information is needs very much if you forgot password, then you need to recover it for further use of the Microsoft account. It also help to keep hackers away from your pc or account and Microsoft privacy statement agrees that will not misuse or spam your information’s.


Then click “Next” and you can see the personalize options and you can simply skip by using the “Next” button. A new Microsoft account will create and redirect to “Accounts page”.



This way you can create new Microsoft account using windows 10 operating system.

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Method-2: Microsoft account Using

There is another free method for making a new Microsoft account or mail id using “”. It is free email client of Microsoft helps to make free mail account for your personal uses as well as connect with Microsoft apps and services. You need only one Microsoft account to connect all of the apps and services provided and it is very powerful than other free mail clients. To know more about it, Read Microsoft Outlook now.

To proceed with this tutorial, you need windows PC and internet connectivity.

Let us see how to register for free account with Microsoft

Step 1

Open your any of internet browser (here I am use the Microsoft Edge browser). You can use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera or any browser to do this. Then enter the “” in the address bar and press “Enter” in your keyboard. You can see the outlook webpage look like in the below image.


Click on the yellow marked portion seen as “Sign Up Now”.

Step 2

You will direct to the create account page of Here you can see the application form for creating mail account. Just fill out some of the common things like your name, username for mail account, gender, country, birth day, phone number etc.


After completing all the information’s, you need to click on the “Create Account” at the last of this page.

This way you can create a free Microsoft account with This is part of windows 10 tutorials for beginners blog powered by

If you have any trouble, doubt or difficulty to follow my step, please inform me via comment box or contact form. I here to help you to solve any problems associated with this tutorials and thank you friends.

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