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How to do ISO Mount on Windows 10 | Power ISO Tutorial 7

Welcome to PowerISO tutorials and you are going to see how to use Power ISO software as ISO mount tool. Power ISO is one of the best program to mount ISO in their virtual drive. You can set up to 23 numbers of virtual drives using this ISO mount program. It is very user friendly to do mounting or unmount like other ISO mounting software. In this tutorial, you are going to see how to mount ISO file image on Windows 10 operating system.

How to Use Power ISO as ISO Mount Tool

Important things required for Mounting ISO file image on Windows 10:-

  1. Power ISO software
  2. ISO File for Mounting

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Step 1: Open Power ISO Software

Open The Power ISO software as administrator in your Windows 10 Operating system. For that Right click on the Power ISO icon on desktop and select “Run as Administrator”.


From the appearing Dialogue box, click to “Yes” for running the ISO software as administrator app. Then you can see the Power ISO user interface.


Step 2: Enable Virtual Drive in Windows 10

You can enable the Virtual drives in two methods:-

From Power ISO Toolbar

Go to Toolbar and click on the “Mount” option. Then you can see drop down menu and select “Set number of drives”. Again you will see a side drop-down men and click on the “1 Drive”. You can select any number of virtual drives and its depends on your need.


From Tools Menu

Tools -> Set number of drives -> 1 Drive


After enabling the virtual drive, you can see it on “This PC” (windows 10) or “My Computer” (Windows 7).


Step 3: Use ISO Mount Option for Mounting

From Power ISO User Interface

For ISO Mount, use the same toolbar and select “Mount” option. From the drop down menu, select “Mount image to drive”.


Then select ISO file from the Open dialogue box. It supports all selected image formats which is enabled in PowerISO.


Go to “Options” and select “Configuration”. You can enable image formats as per your need.


From Power ISO Shell Integration Menu

You can also use the shell integration of Power ISO software for ISO mounting. Right Click on the “ISO file” mounted in Power ISO and select “PowerISO” from the drop down menu. Then select the “Mount image to Drive” option from side drop down menu.


How to Unmount ISO File

For Unmount ISO file, go to “mount” option and select “Unmount drive”.


If you enabled more than one virtual drive, you can unmounts all of them in one click by using “Unmount all drives” option in the mount drop down menu.

Watch How to do ISO Mount on Windows 10 using Power ISO:-

This is all about PowerISO tutorial which helps you to learn about ISO mount on Windows 10 operating system. There are lot of free iso mounting software are available in internet. You can use them as ISO mount program in your computer as per your wish.

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