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Windows 10 Tutorials 2: How to Install Windows 10 Update in PC

Are you heard about windows 10 release date? Indeed, Windows 10 update was online on July 29, 2015. I got the update in the first week of august, 2015. This tutorial shows how to install windows 10 update in your computer. Windows 10 update is completely free of cost for genuine windows 7 or windows 8/8.1 users. I already reserved a slot using “Get Windows App”. Let us see how to do it. Before going to update process, see Windows 10 System Requirements in detail.

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How to Install Windows 10 Update

If you are not reserved slot for upgrade, don’t worry. Only you need to go to “Control panel”. Select the “Update and Security” option. Select the “Windows Update” from that interface. Select the “Automatically download and install updates (recommend)” option and click OK button.

Windows Start menu -> Control Panel -> Update and security -> Windows Update -> Automatically download and install updates (from update settings) -> OK.

Then connect your computer with internet via your broadband or 3G dongle. The Windows 10 updates needs up to 3 GB of your data connection. The update will come to your pc door way soon. Because Microsoft has handles this process for millions of computers in the world. So, it will eventually come to you. All you need to wait for it.

I already got full update on August 8, 2015, because I reserved for the slot using “Get Windows 10” app. Make sure your computer connect with internet. When the update starts to download, the app shows the downloading is starts on your background.


You can also see it by opening your Windows update section on your control panel.


When the download complete, you just open the Get Windows 10 app from the taskbar. It shows the “Upgrade – Available” like on the below image.


It also give information’s about what is going to happen at the next stage of upgrade.

Then click on “OK, let’s continue”.

Wait for 10 seconds and you will go to the “Microsoft software license terms”. Read the full terms before going to install the Windows 10 update.


Wait for couple of seconds and app shows your upgrade is ready to install.


From this point you can schedule the installation to another date or you can start the process by clicking on “Start the Upgrade Now” button.

Then your PC going to completely shut down and restart with upgrading windows interface look like below.


When it is complete to 100% your upgrade is completed and you can sign in to your pc from the lockdown menu. Then you can the Windows 10 main user interface areas such as desktop, taskbar, notification area etc. After installation your PC will automatically download needful updates for your drivers. This way you can install windows 10 update on your desktop or laptop.

Overall, the windows 10 update needs more than 3 GB internet data and have better transfer speed rate. An important information for users, if you are using some premium professional working softwares like SolidWorks, AutoCAD, CATIA etc may be generate crash report or not respond in Windows 10 OS. If you are using software’s like this better to wait for new update of them for supporting in Win 10.

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Feel free to give your honest opinions about this Windows 10 tutorials via comment box or contact form. Thank you friends.

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