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How to Install WordPress Theme in WP Dashboard | WordPress Tutorial 8


Hi friends, welcome to 8th part of WordPress tutorial for beginners series and in this WP tutorial you are going to see how to install WordPress theme in WP user interface. It is very simple to do and no need of any technical knowledge for installing new themes in your Self-hosted blog. Here I am going to show two step-by-step tutorials methods for install WordPress theme. You can follow any one of the methods to do the same.

Things Needed for Install WordPress Theme:-

WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme is major requirement for doing this tutorial. First you have to find a SIMPLE, SEO optimized and great looking WordPress theme for your blog. It should be suits your blog niche or topic. Don’t burn your head to find such a theme I mentioned. Here I am providing the link for getting such free WordPress theme from MyThemeshop. This is good WordPress themes developer which meets all the above conditions I mentioned about the themes. For downloading from the site, you have create free account on MyThemeShop site.

Download Free WordPress Themes from MyThemeShop

Other requirements are computer, high speed internet connection and installed self hosted WordPress blog in your purchased web hosting. See How to Install WordPress Blog here.

Watch WP Video Tutorial for Installing WordPress Theme here:-

Previous WP Tutorials:-

Method 1: How to Install WordPress Theme Using Appearance Manager

In this theme installation method, you are going to see how to install WordPress theme by using upload, via theme section in appearance manager.

Step 1

First, you have to download WordPress theme and store it in your computer. One of my WordPress themes site link is provided above and you can download it, if you like the theme. Finally, you should be ready with your new theme and get as “” format file.

Note: Using upload method, you can directly upload and no need to decompress the “.zip” WP theme file.

Step 2

Login to WordPress dashboard by following the Admin link “http://your-blog-url/wp-admin” enters your login information like username and password. Then click on “Login” button.

Now, you can see the WP dashboard. From this, move your mouse pointer to “Appearance” option and then you can see the side drop down menu. Click on “themes” option from it which is shown below.


Step 3

Then you can see the default installed WP themes in Appearance Theme user interface.

Click on the “Add New” option which is located above the user interface and as showed below in the screenshot:-



Step 4

It will direct to WordPress Theme store and here you can select both free and premium WordPress themes to install it to your blog. From this interface, click on the “Upload Theme” button which is appeared above and also shown in the screenshot:-


Step 5

Now, you can see the Theme uploading interface and you have to select the WP theme by clicking on “browse” button.


Then, dialogue box will appear and you have to select the downloaded Word press theme file (.zip format) from the storage location in your computer. Click “Open” button to open the theme file.


After that, click on “Install now”.


Then you can see the installing theme interface and wait for complete installation as shown below:


After installing WordPress themes, you can either activate or see “live preview” of theme before activating it.

Here I showed the live preview of installed WP theme below:-


If you like it, click to “Save&Activate” button. It will activate the installed word press theme.

You can also customize the theme by clicking on “Customize” button and add blog LOGO, menus, background color etc.

Method 2: How to Install WordPress Theme Using Word-press Themes Library

If you find a word-press theme from the WP library and wish to install it in your blog, follow this method 2.

Ignore the Step 1, because you are going to select the theme from the Word-press Themes library.

Follow the Step 2 and Step 3 as in the Method-1.

Step 4

In the below screenshot, you can see the in-built “Word-Press Themes Library” and search bar.



Write any keyword as you want to find a theme related it. For example write “simple” as like in the below screenshot:-


From that search result, select “Simple east Word-Press theme” for my blog.



Here, you can “preview” your theme before installing it. For installing also, no need to download WP themes and click on “install” button. And other things like live preview and activation are same as the above WordPress tutorial.

How to Uninstall WordPress Theme
  • Go to Appearance -> Themes
  • Select theme as you need to uninstall.
  • Then you can see the “Uninstall” option in that interface and click on it.

I hope you guys understand this WordPress theme installation tutorial and follow any one of the method to install your WP themes.  There is also another method to install WordPress theme in your WP blog; i.e., via FTP (file transfer protocol) method. It is little bit technical and effort needs to do it. As a beginner, it will confuse you and above methods are good for installing themes. In the next WordPress tutorial, you are going to see How to Install WordPress Plugin in your blog.

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If you have any doubts or suggestions, feel free to comment us or use contact box. Thank you friends.

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