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Windows 10 Tutorials 9: Create Your Windows 10 Themes

Windows 10 operating system is latest release of Microsoft with lot of improvements and new features. Like in the previous version of windows OS provides some desktop customization or windows 10 theme making option for its users. If you have some interesting high quality wallpapers and you want them into your desktop, best choice is to convert into windows 10 themes. That is you can save HD wallpapers in one file and save it into as theme file of format “.dekthemepack”. In this Windows 10 tutorial shows how to make windows 10 themes with simple step by step images.

Let us start the windows 10 theme creation tutorial. Note that, it is completely free of cost and anyone can create your own for windows 10 os and also share to your friends also.

Create Your Own Windows 10 Themes

You Need:

  1. Windows 10 OS in your PC
  2. HD wallpapers (say five HD images)

Step 1: Go to Windows 10 Settings


I already mention the things which are required for creating your own windows themes.

First, move your mouse cursor to the StartMenu and click on it. You can see the startmenu opened and from that select “Settings”.

Windows Start button -> StartMenu -> Settings

Step 2: Select Personalization


Then you can see the main settings page dialogue box. From that select the “Personalization” using the mouse cursor and click on it.

Settings -> Personalization

Step 3: Customize Requirements for Your Theme



This is the personalization option which contains subsections such as Desktop Background, Colors and Themes. These 3 subsections you need to make windows 10 theme. Before going make themes, I will introduce these subsections for future reference.

Desktop background

This option controls the desktop background. Here you can add HD picture, solid color plates, slideshow of different pictures.


Picture: if you want a constant wallpaper on your desktop, select the “picture” option.

Solid Color: You don’t like pictures, but you like to add some solid color as your background, select the “Solid Color” option.

Slideshow: If you have bunch of HD wallpapers and you need to show one by one in certain time intervals, use “Slideshow” option.

Here I am going to make Slideshow type windows 10 theme.

I select the “Slideshow” in the background option.


Next step is “select a picture album or folder” as you want to show in the desktop background.


Click on the “browse” button and select the “Picture album folder” and click on “Choose this folder”.


Then set the time interval to change the picture in the “Change picture every” option. Click on the down arrow and select a time interval. It contains time interval from 1 minute to 1 day.

Choose the fit of your background picture. It contains options such as Fill, Fit, Stretch, Tile, Center and Span. You should select appropriate fit as per your wallpaper size.

Choose Color

The next subsection is color of windows 10 theme. Here you on or off the automatic color selection option. The automatic color selection finds the suitable color for your background image. You can also off this option and select any color from the color pallets. I recommended for enabling “automatically pick an accent color from my background”.


If you interested in more color editing, go for “High Contrast Setting”. From the dialogue box, select any one of the contrast theme and edit the color as per your requirement.

Here, I’m simply switch on the “Automatically pick an accent color from my background”.

Themes Settings


Click on the “theme settings” option. Then additional dialogue box from control panel will appear, named as “Personalization” like the older windows 7 or windows 8/8.1 interface. It contains default windows 10 themes, high contrast themes and also unsaved themes.

The “unsaved theme” named is your theme.


Click o the theme to select and click the right button which give small menu contain two options. They are “Save theme” and “Save theme for sharing”.

Save Theme: If you select save theme option, the theme will saved on your computer.

Save theme for sharing: This option give the “.deskthemepack” format file, which you can share to your friends, upload internet etc.

Here I need windows 10 theme file output, so I select “save theme for sharing” option.


Then a dialogue box will appear and here select location to save your theme file. Then name it. Click “Save”. Your windows 10 theme is now fully created. You can share this file to your friends and upload to your blog for free usage. This way you can also create simple windows 10 themes with more no of wallpapers. Click here to download Windows 10 Theme from Microsoft

Note: This is very basic windows 10 tutorial showing how to make windows 10 slideshow theme. Here you can only edit the wallpapers, color and sound. If you want to edit the icons also, I recommend some of the paid windows 10 theme creator software’s.

Also concentrate on the size of theme. if you have big MB wallpapers, please reduce the image actual size and then use them for creating windows themes. Otherwise, theme will result in big sized MB files and you will have lot of trouble to share it.

Feel free to ask about this tutorial and any recommendation about paid windows 10 theme creators.

Thank you friends.

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