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How to Rip Audio CD/DVD/Blu-Ray Disc on Windows 10

Welcome to “ – The Computer Software Tutorial blog” and this is how to tutorial to rip audio cd to MP3 or any other audio formats. You can rip audio compact disc to your PC with aid of CD or DVD ripper software. Ripping a compact disc means copying audio written disc to computer supporting formats like mp3, wma, wav, flac etc. It helps to copy the tracks of music in your CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc. Here you can see various methods to Rip Audio CD to mp3 or other useful music formats in to your computer.

What is Audio CD Ripping?

Audio Compact disc ripping is process used to extract or convert music tracks to computer supported audio formats. Usually, when you put an audio cd into pc CD/DVD drive, It will not show the exact file. It shows only audio tracks with 1KB in size. It’s look like in the image below.


But in actual condition, it is more than 5 MB depends on the quality of music file. If you want to copy these tracks to PC, you need a Ripper software, which help you to copy tracks to useful music formats like mo3, wmv, wav etc. There are lot of cd or DVD ripper software like Power ISO, MagicISo, UltraISO, FreeRip, Windows media player etc.

Here you are going to see different software tutorials for rip audio cd to mp3 using different ripper software ‘s.

Method-1: How to Rip Audio CD to MP3 using Power ISO Software

Before starting, you should note that the CD must be an audio cd. This tutorial is done on Windows 10 Operating system. Also Learn Windows 10 Tutorials for Beginners here.

Why use Power ISO software for Audio CD Ripping?

Power ISO is an one of the best all in one solution of ISO or data image formats. It helps to Mount, Burn, Extract, Compress, Rip, Create Bootable DVD, Bootable USB and more. ou can also use the other software, but the Power ISO included with all other features which includes audio CD/DVD ripping. With this ISO software, you can enjoy other features without downloading the individual ones.

Step 1

Insert an Audio CD into your CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive of your PC.


Step 2

Open the Power ISO software and you can see the user interface of ISO software.


Step 3

Go to PowerISO menubar and click on “Tools”. From the drop down menu, select “Rip Audio CD” option.


You have select the CD/DVD/Blue-ray drive from the dialogue box and click “OK”.


Step 4

Wait for some time and then you can see the audio tracks in PowerISO file manager interface.


If the disc is not writable, it will show that too. You can just close that dialogue box.

Step 5

Go to Toolbar and click on “Rip” option.


Step 6

From the appearing Rip dialogue box, you have to set output of ripping, output format (mp3, wmv, wav, flac and ape), output file (multiple or single) and set config too.


After selecting the output file format, click on the “Config” to set the encoder settings. Here, selected the mp3 format. So, when you are clicking on config, you will see “MP3 encoder”. You can set bit rate of your mp3 file and stereo mode.


Click “OK” for MP3 encoder dialogue box and also click “OK” for Rip audio cd dialogue box too.


Ripping of an audio cd starts now and you can pause the process by clicking on the “Pause”.


After finishing, you can open the output folder and see the ripped music files as Mp3 format. Play it and enjoy the audio cd tracks on your computer. You can also write the mp3 files into another cd, dvd or harddisk to make it portable.

This is all about ripping music compact disc using Power ISO software. You will see the other methods soon and we are experimenting on it.

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