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Windows 10 Tutorials 12: How to Uninstall Programs on Windows 10

Welcome to Windows 10 Tutorials for beginners and in this Windows 10 tutorial you are going to see how to uninstall programs on Windows 10 operating system. To uninstall or delete program is very simple in Win 10. You have some basic knowledge of computer is needed to do the same. This tutorial will show you two methods to uninstall program with detailed pictures and Windows 10 video tutorials. Let us learn to uninstall apps or software from your new windows system.

Note: This Windows 10 Tutorial is only for beginners to learn Win 10 OS system.

Learn to Uninstall Programs on Windows 10

This is just an example to uninstall software programs (Windows apps in Win 10) from your system. You are going to see uninstall of Power ISO software from PC. Let us see how to remove Windows 10 apps in step by step tutorial.

Method-1: Using Apps Settings UIsea

Watch Windows 10 Video Tutorial for Uninstall Programs on Windows 10:-

First, you have to go to the Windows 10 Start Menu and select “Settings” from it.


Then, you can see the settings dialogue box as shown in the below image. Select “Apps” option from the settings page.


From the appearing apps dialogue box, select “Apps & Features” from the side bar. Then, you can see the all installed windows apps list here.


You can also see a search bar and search the apps or scroll down to select program that need to uninstall from system. Here, typing “PowerISO” which is shown in the below image.


Search will done automatically and you can see “Power ISO Software” now. Click on “Uninstall” option. Then it will ask is you want to delete all related files with this app? .

Click “Uninstall” again.

Then, UAC (User Access Control) dialogue box will appear and click “yes” for it.


After that, you can see the PowerISO uninstall dialogue box. Click on “Uninstall”.


The app removal process will start and click on “Finish” upon completion.

Method 2: Using Control Panel (Like in Windows 7 OS)

Click on “Start Menu” and start type like “Control Panel”.


Click on “Control Panel” which is a default desktop app (built-in Windows 10 app) look same as control panel in Windows 7 system.


Click on “uninstall a program” option and you can see uninstall programs dialogue box. It contains full list of installed software’s in your Windows 10 PC.


Select the program that you want to remove from the PC. Then click on “Uninstall” option which is marked on the image below.


Then, you can see UAC asking the permission of uninstall programs from system. Click on “yes” and continue like Method-1.

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