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SolidWorks Tutorials 6: Slot Sketching Tool

SolidWorks Tutorials 6: How to Draw 3 Point Arc Slot

The 3 point arc slot is helps to draw arc slot on a sketch entity. There are 4 points to select. First draw an arc using 3 points and 4th point is on the arc slot line.

Step 1

Select plane from the Featuremanager design tree (e.g. Top Plane).

Step 2


Select the “3 point Arc Slot” button from the command manager.

Step 3


Drag the pointer to sketch area and select the Point 1 using your mouse button.


Then move your mouse upward or downward  to select the Point 2.


After that select the Point 3 in the arc line, in between Point 1 & Point 2. Here you complete a 3 Point arc.


Then move the mouse pointer to select the Point 4 and you get 3 Point arc slot on your interface.

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