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Windows 10 Tutorials 6: How to Use Windows 10 Cortana

Hai friends, welcome to Windows 10 Tutorials for beginners.

Cortana is latest feature of windows 10 operating system which acts like virtual assistant for you. I like this feature very much and helps me to sort out simple problems or search on web with in seconds. Cortana is very intelligent system which is developed by Microsoft; connected with both your computer and bing search engine.

You can easily set reminders for your future work or function, notebook gives information about your flight, weather, music etc. you ask her about facts, weather, places, or search certain things on internet. It is not completely assist you, but most of them works for me. This is the 6th windows 10 tutorials shows how to use cortana feature in windows 10 operating system.

Note: You need a solid internet connection and free microsoft mail account for using cortana feature.

Windows 10 Cortana

Here I going to show how to access cortana feature, settings and other abilities of it. Let us see windows 10 cortana capabilities. (This feature is in learning process, here I’m going share things understand for me. If you feel any wrong, please let me know it.).


Where you find Cortana?

Cortana is mainly located in the windows 10 taskbar, either in the form of “Search box” or “Cortana icon” as shown below. I already mention in the Windows 10 UI post.


How to Enable/Disable Cortana?

You can control the cortana feature from the taskbar itself.

Move your mouse pointer on the taskbar. Then click the mouse right button. You can see drag up menu and select “Cortana” option from it.


Then you can see side drag menu and select the “Hidden” option is disable cortana from the taskbar. If you want to enable it, go through the same and untick the “Hidden” option.

or You on/off it from the cortana settings also.

You can also switch the cortana search box and icon using the same menu option. If you want to get cortana icon on the task bar, select “Show Cortana icon” option and to get search box, select “Show Search box“.

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How to Interact with Cortana?

There is two methods to interact with windows 10 cortana feature.

  1. Using Mouse (i’m using non-touch devices)
  2. Using your voice

Let us see one by one.

Using mouse

To open cortana feature, just click on the Cortana icon or search box. Then it will suddenly open to its home page. make sure you are already sign in with your Microsoft account and have solid internet connection. Here I already do enable this feature and home page is look like in the below image.


The home page shows some of the cortana tips and recommended news from the bing.

Using Your Voice

To enable the voice feature you need to click on the microphone icon in the search box.


It will shows the prompt like “listening“. At that time you need to talk like “hey Cortana” to enable this feature. Then Ask normal questions using your English language like “play your music” or “do I need an Umbrella?” etc.

How cortana voice Feature works?

Here I am explaining with a simple example. If you ask cortana to “play your music“. It give reply in her voice ” Alright, playing your music“. Then it automatically opens the Groove’s music player and starts to play any music from it.


How to Add Reminders using Cortana?


You can add reminders for your future works with time, person and places basis. To add reminder, click on the plus button marked above image.


In the reminder section, enter what you want to be remind about?, time of reminder and etc. Click on the “Remind“. To cancel it click “cancel“.

Cortana Settings


I suggest you to “on” the first option in the settings “Cortana can give suggestions, ideas, reminders, alerts and more“. Also enable “hey cortana” option which enables the voice feature of cortana. Then set the “respond best- to me“. Then it will only hear your voice only.

Drag down the cortana settings page you can see the “find flights and more” option. Click on/off this feature. “Taskbar tidbits” option gives time to time give thoughts and greetings to users.

Feel free share your honest opinions about this windows 10 tutorials post and thank you friends.

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