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Windows 10 Tutorials 8: How to Use Shutdown/Sleep/Restart

Windows 10 is new operating system developed by Microsoft with lot of improvements and new features to the old versions. This post is part of Windows 10 tutorials shows how to shutdown or restart windows 10 computer. This tutorial is completely for beginners, who don’t know how to use windows 10 operating system.

Before going to windows 10 tutorials, you must know about shutdown, sleep and restart options. Shutdown option helps to completely turn off your windows 10 PC. Restart option helps to restart your pc. It will give fresh start to your computer by closing any recently working programs.The sleep option is commonly used when your pc running in low power. It helps to stay all apps open when you are wake up the system. In windows 10 OS, Shutdown, sleep and Restart options are comes under the “Power” Section. I mainly use these options, when my PC is performing too slowly to perform or want to close not responding programs.

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Let us see the simple step by step windows 10 tutorials showing how to use Windows 10 shutdown or restart or sleep option with aid of images.

How to Shutdown/Sleep/Restart Windows 10 PC

Step 1

First go to the start menu button and click on it. You can easily find the start menu at taskbar user interface which shown in the image below.


Step 2

Here you can see the windows 10 start menu. From start menu, click on the “Power” option.


Step 3

Then you can see an additional drag-up menu which consists of option like “Sleep”, “Restart” and “Shutdown”.


Step 4

Using the three options, you can do three different functions.


To shutdown windows 10, click on the “Shutdown” option.


Then your system will turn off completely within seconds. If you need to turn on, press the main power button of your laptop.


To restart your windows 10 PC, click on the “Restart” option.


It will closes the all apps and turn off your pc and automatically turn on again. This option can used when your computer become hang or having some not responding apps causing some problems.


To sleep your PC, click on the “Sleep” option.


Note: This windows10 tutorials is mainly for beginners, who don’t know how to operate windows 10 OS.

Thank you for reading this tutorials and feel free to ask your questions, doubts etc via comment box. Thanks again.

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