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Windows 10 Tutorial 7: Windows Store

With new windows 10 upgrade, a lot more improvements come to the windows operating systems. Here Microsoft fully converts system as one major account which can operate like your new mail account. Windows 10 features are also well upgraded and help to effectively utilize it with your internet connection. Such one of the feature is Windows Store. In this Windows 10 Tutorials, I am going show how to use the windows store effectively and different purposes of it.

Before going to tutorial, you should know about some details about Windows Store. I think you are well known about Google Play Store. Like play store, Microsoft windows have millions apps collection for windows phone. Now, apps are integrated to windows pc also with Windows Store. It helps to access all useful apps, games etc in your Windows 10 PC. You can enjoy all apps and games in pc and you only need windows 10 pc with solid internet connection.


Windows Store contains both free and paid versions of apps, games, Xbox games, Music, Movies and TV shows. If you want to find a specific app, you can use the search bar provided in home interface. You can see it in the above image. All of apps, games etc are well arranged and no difficulties to find the required apps/games/movies/music.

Main uses of Windows Store

  1. It helps to use social site apps, multimedia, office apps etc
  2. You can access the windows phone games in your laptop
  3. Download Xbox games to your pc
  4. Buy and watch movies and TV program episodes
  5. Buy and listen different genre music with it

Windows 10 Tutorials 7: How to Use Windows Store

  1. How to Download Apps from Windows Store
  2. How to Download Games from Windows Store
  3. How to Download Music from Windows Store

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