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Windows 10 Tutorial 7: Windows Store

Windows 10 Tutorials 7: How to Download Apps from Windows Store

This is tutorial is base of all other tutorials in this post. I only mark the step numbers in the below tutorials to avoid repetitions. Let us begin it.

Note: Before going to use Windows Store, You must connect your computer with Internet

Step 1

Find the Windows Store app in your PC user interface and open it. You can find it in your taskbar as well as start menu. Click on the Windows store app icon in your PC taskbar as shown below.


To access it via start menu, click on the start menu button and you can see the windows store app in the tiled apps section, which is also shown in the image below.


Click on the app to open it.

If you don’t have proper internet connection, app is not going to open until you have solid internet connection. The speed of the app is depends upon your internet connection speed.

Step 2

You can see the home interface in your pc like in the image below.


Home UI shows top rated apps, games, music, movies and Xbox games. Here you need to find the apps. So move to apps by clicking on the apps menu.

You can see the apps page and select or search the required apps in this page. For example, I am going to select a free app called ‘Facebook’. Here I am going to show how to download it to your windows 10 pc.


Just click on the Facebook apps and then it directed to Facebook app page. Here you can see the apps details, app screenshots, features, rating and reviews of it. Before downloading the windows apps, you should read the reviews and rating of customers. It helps to find the good and bad apps in the store.

Click on the “Free” blue button as marked in the above image to start download of this app. When the app starts to download, you can see the progress in the download section. You can find it top side, right end of menu bar.


After completing the install the Facebook app appear in the start menu tiled section. From there, you can open it and enjoy the facebook like in your mobile.

This way you download any windows apps to your computer using windows store app.

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