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Windows 10 Tutorial 7: Windows Store

Windows 10 Tutorials 7: How to Download Music from Store

Follow the Step 1 in the top tutorial.

Step 2

Go to “Music” menu and select the music you want to listen in your windows 10 computer.


Click on the any music and you will go to that music page.

Before you download, you listen the preview of the music. To see the preview, just select the music and click on the play button like in the below image.


To download it, click on the price button and you need to buy it. It will ask you to enter the Microsoft account PIN number.

Then you will directed to add payment page.


Click on the “Add payment method”. It will go to page with payment method section, either credit card or paypal. Select one of the payment methods you have. Here I am select “Paypal”.


Click on the “Next” button.


Update your account by click on the “Continue” button.


It will help to add your PayPal account to Microsoft account. If your Microsoft account mail id is have active PayPal account, you will redirect to PayPal login page and you can done the payment. After that you can download the music to your pc. Otherwise it shows your payment method is not active and tries by another way.

This way you can download music to your computer using windows store app.

You can also download Movies&TV shows using the Windows Store app. I will show how to download movies&TV shows using the this app in the upcoming tutorials.

I think you can easily follow my instructions. If you don’t feel free to contact me via comment box or contact form. Thank you and waiting for your honest opinions.

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