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How to Buy Web Hosting from HostGator Hosting Providers

Hi friends, welcome to WordPress tutorial for beginners and in this tutorial I am going to show you how to buy web hosting from HostGator in step by step tutorial. HostGator is one of the best Web hosting for running your WordPress blog and it is also recommended by the itself. It provides cheap, reliable hosting plan prices, unlimited domain, emails, bandwidth, 24×7 customer support and 99.99% uptime features. The blogs hosted in HostGator works faster than any other Web hosting providers such as GoDaddy, DreamHost etc. Let us see how to register web hosting in HostGator web hosting services. Also see How to buy Domain Name from Godaddy Domain Registrar

For buying new web hosting, you must have:-


Faster internet connection

Credit Card/Debit Card/PayPal/Internet banking for Payment

How to Buy Web Hosting From HostGator

Watch WordPress Video Tutorial for Buying Web Hosting:-

HostGator WebHosting Overview

HostGator is one of the genuine web hosting service provider and have millions of people running their blogs with HostGator hosting plans. It provides one of the reliable host service which provides unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited transfer, unlimited emails, dedicated IP addresses, security features etc. The 99.9% uptime, cheap hosting prices related with features provides and 24×7 customer supports are the important characteristics of HostGator webhosting plans.

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Below shows step by step web hosting buying tutorial which helps to register your domain with HostGator hosting account.

Step 1: Go to HostGator Website Home Page

First, connect your computer with internet service available in your region. Open your internet browser and enter “  in web address bar. You can use the “enter” button in the keyboard to direct to website. You can see the HostGator home page below. Here I am using the Mozilla Firefox internet browser to register WordPress web hosting.

Step 2: Select Your Web Hosting Plan

Before buying web hosting from HostGator, you must decide which hosting plan as you needed for your WordPress blogging. There are three main webhosting plans available, which are Hatching Plan, baby Plan and Business Plan.

Hatchling Plan: This webhosting plan is allows adding only one domain per account. If you are planning to start only one WordPress blog, Hatchling plan is suits to you. It also provides unlimited storage space, transfer, bandwidth, emails etc. These features are available in all the three hosting plans mentioned above.

Baby Plan: The special feature of baby plan is that unlimited domains allowed. You can add more than one domain names in single account. In my experience, better to buy HostGator baby plan which helps to get two or more blogs of different topics and earn more money.

Business Plan: It also allows to add unlimited domains and if you are trying convert your blog into professional business; this HostGator plan will worth it. It provides free dedicated IP address and SSL certificate for connected domain names. The price is little more but definitely worth it because of the security features and dedicated IP address. See Advantages of dedicated IP address

From these, you have to select any one of the hosting plan which suits to your requirements.

Here I am selecting the HostGator baby plan which is shown below in the image.


Click on the “Buy now” button which directs you to step 3.

Why I was Selected HostGator Baby Plan?

Because when you start your first blog, you have limited knowledge in blogging and don’t have that much post ideas. After some time, your head will filled with lot of blogging ideas once you dig deep into it. At that time you will feel to start another blog with different topics. This is my personal experience and same things happen to me also. So I recommended HostGator Baby Plan for starter and have 99.99% uptime.

Step 3: Enter Your Purchased Domain Name

This page ask you question is that “Do you already have a domain for your hosting account?”.


Click “Yes”, because you already buy domain name from the GoDaddy Domain Registration Service.

Enter the purchase domain name in “I have an existing domain name” portion. For showing example, here I am entering my own domain “ShoutMeTutorials.COM”.


Below the domain entered region, you can see other protection features in the page which are cost some money. SiteLock feature helps to protect your self hosted WordPress blog from website attackers. CodeGuard helps to prevent your blog from crashes and keep your site backup regularly. If you want to add these features, it is good for your WordPress blog in all sense.

Click “Continue” button.

Step 4: Web Hosting Duration and HostGator Coupons

You can see the Host Gator cart page and it’s having your selected baby plan details. Here you can cross check the duration of HostGator account and entering the “HostGator coupons” for getting discounts to buying web hosting.


Click “Continue” button.

Step 5: Sign in to HostGator Account



Then you can see the “sign in” form. Here you can enter the “User name and password”. If you are new to Hostgator account, click on the “Create an Account” button. It will direct to your registration form. You have to enter your personal details, mobile number and email id in this form. You will get account conformation to email. Using that email and password you can easily login to Host Gator account.

Click on “Login” button.

Step 6: Pay Web Hosting Charges

In this step, you can see the “Payment Options” such as credit card, debit card, internet banking, cash cards etc. You can use any one of the payment type to pay the amount of money costs to your web hosting. Within seconds, you will get mail to your registered email id about the information’s of your new purchased web hosting account. You can use the information’s and login to your HostGator Cpanel account.

This is the way how to buy web hosting account from Host Gator and I think the step by step tutorial really helps to understand the process. BlueHost web hosting is also recommended for new bloggers as an alternative for HostGator. Bothe of them are reliable and provides better services.

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