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How to Set Windows 10 Default Programs | Windows 10 Tutorial 13

Welcome to Windows 10 Tutorials for beginners and in this how to tutorial, you are going to learn how to set Windows 10 default programs in your PC. For opening each file types, you should require help of software program or app (modern tech called short form for applications). When opening a file type (say, Mp3 format), it will ask you to play it in Windows media player or Groove music app in Windows 10. This is happening due to lack of default programs settings in your Windows 10 Operating system.

Here, you are going to learn to set default apps in Windows 10 in four methods. It is very easy to set default apps on Windows.

They are:-

  • Choose Default Programs by Apps
  • Choose Default Programs by File type
  • Choose Default programs by File Protocol
  • using Windows 10 Context menu

Watch and Learn to Set Windows 10 Default Apps here:-

Common Steps for Set Windows 10 Default Programs

First, Go to “Start” button and select “Windows 10 Settings” from it.

windows-10-start-menu-and-select-settings-change-default-apps-182x300Then, you will see the Settings user interface and click on “Apps” on it.


Now, you can see Apps dialogue box and select “default apps” from the side bar which is shown below.


You can see the default apps which is set by Windows 10 operating system itself. Common Windows 10 default programs section are Email, Video Player, Music Player, Maps, Photo viewer and web browser.

How to Set Windows 10 Default Programs by Apps | Method 1

For changing the default apps, click on the app displayed.

Here, you are going see an example for setting Microsoft edge browser as default web browser.

Currently, my default web browser program is Google chrome which is shown in the image below.


Click on the Google Chrome app. Then, you can see a pop-up window and select listed web browser from it.


Select “Microsoft Edge” as default web browser app and its done. You could also change other default apps in the same way.


You can also look for new browsers by clicking on the “Look for an app in the store”. You need internet connection for download new windows 10 apps from the Windows store.

How to Set Windows 10 Default Programs by File Type | Method 2

Click on the “Choose Default Apps by File Type” and wait for the page to load with File types.


Here, you can associate file types with specific apps. All file types which are contained in your windows 10 system will show here. You can assign each software by clicking on the app.

To associate new file types, just click on the “+” sign for “Choose a Default”.


Click on “Look for an app in Windows store” to search the appropriate windows apps for particular file type. For accessing Windows 10 Store, you need to connect your computer with Wi-Fi or Internet.


You will direct to store and search app here and install suitable app for your selected file type.

This way you can associate windows 10 default apps using the File Type.

How to Set Windows 10 default Programs by Protocol | Method 3

This is 3rd method to set Windows 10 default apps by protocol of specific apps. For that, click on “choose default apps by protocol” and wait for page to load.


You can see the default associate protocols with specific apps done by Windows 10. For changing default one, you need to click on the app and change with suitable one or find from windows store just like the above methods.

How to Set Windows 10 Default Programs using Windows Context Menu | Method 4

You can also set it from the windows 10 context menu. An example showing below.

Select and MP4 file and right click on it. Then, you can see windows 10 context menu.


Select “Open with” and a side drop down menu will appear and click on “choose another app” from it.


A dialogue box will appear and ask for “How do you want to open this file”.


Select the needed app and tick on the “Always use this app to open .mp4 files” and click “Ok” and Default Windows 10 app for videos or any file can be set like this.

How To Reset Windows 10 Default Apps

To reset default apps and click on the “reset” button which shown in the figure below.


All the Default programs will reset to factory state.

Miscellaneous Information’s:-

What is Default Applications?

This is app or program which is set as default and when some use double click and file will open in that program. For example, you set MP4 video file format open with KM player. When you double clicks on the files with “MP4” format, it will open only with KMplayer. This is called default applications. For setting, you need to access the windows settings and set default applications as per your requirement. Read more on Wiki

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