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How to Setup Blog RSS Feed URL using FeedBurner

FeedBurner is one of the best web feed management tool provided by Google Inc. It helps to manage your wordpress blog rss feed url (also called as RSS (Rich Site Summary)) and let your blog users to subscribe your blog posts. Bloggers and other podcasts are easily burn with FeedBurner and setup the custom RSS feeds to your blog. You will get custom blog feed url based on FeedBurner site and it manages the complete subscriptions.

It also has comprehensive analytic system which enables to monitor the feed url clickthrough and subscriptions of your readers. In this WordPress tutorial, you are going to see how to burn blog feed url using FeedBurner website. You can also burn blog rss feed url of, and other blogging platforms feed urls too. This post is part of WordPress tutorial for beginners and it shows the important step you have do after adding new blog posts.

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Let see how to make custom feed domains using FeedBurner web management service.

How to Setup Blog Feed URL using FeedBurner

For following this tutorial, you should have:-

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Free Gmail or Google account

Step 1: Login to


Open your internet browser and enter “” in the address bar.


Search the term “Feedburner” in google search engine. Then you can see the search results related to the feedburner keyword. Click on the marked result which is shown in the above image.


Then it will direct you to login page, where you have to enter your owned google account (gmail account) email address and password. And click on “Signin”.

Then you can see the feedburner home page.

Step 2: Copy Your Blog Feed URL

In step 2, you have create your wordpress blog feed url (RSS feed url) from your blog domain name. For WordPress blogging platform users, it is very easy to make RSS feed, which is shown below.

Replace the “enter” portion with your blog url as you want to make custom RSS feed using Feedburner.

You can check this newly created rss feed website url using your browser. It will look like the image as shown below:-


Step 3: Add and Burn Blog RSS Feed URL to FeedBurner

Then Go to Feedburner home page which is shown in below screenshot:-


Enter your blog feed link to marked field in the Feedburner home page.


If you are a podcaster, you can tick the box just besides the feed link box. In this Feedburner tutorial, I didn’t tick podcaster box and only want to burn blog RSS feed.

Click on “Next” button.

Step 4: Setup RSS Feed URL Analytics

In next page, feedburner verify  your blog RSS feed url and give a custom feed address which shown in the below screenshot:-


Click “Next” to confirm the feedburner RSS feed activation. Then your feed link will created and copy it your clipboard for future use. It will look like:-

If you don’t like the feed link appearance, you can click on “cancel and do not activate” button.


Again click “Next” and it will direct to “Enhance your stats” page where you can select additional feedburner analytic options like clickthroughs, item enclosure downloads etc.


Then, click “Next” to complete the feedburner link creation. You can see the custom rss feed link management section:-




From here, you can manage feed link like editing, deleting and transferring your newly created RSS feeds. You can see the complete stats, optimize and troubleshooting options are also available.

This is the way you can create or burn blog rss feed url using Google Feedburner. If you have any doubts associated for creating custom feed links, feel free to ask me through comment box.

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