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SolidWorks Chamfer Tool Feature_SolidWorks Tutorial 26

Welcome to SolidWorks tutorials for beginners and in this tutorial, you are going to see Solidworks chamfer tools uses and how to apply different types of chamfering tool on 3d model with example. You can see the step by step Solidworks tutorial with screenshots of steps to create chamfered objects.

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Let us see the about different types of Solidworks Chamfer tools and how to use it on Solidworks cad program.

What is SolidWorks Chamfer Tool?

SolidWorks chamfer tool is one of the useful tools in Solidworks cad software, which helps to cut (45 degree angle with normal surface) or make edges or corner (vertex) of 3D model in straight. For rounding purpose, you can use Solidworks fillet tool, which is explained in previous post.

The Solidworks chamfering tool is used in architecture, mechanical and manufacturing engineering area which helps to design and make machine or other parts easily.

For example, rectangle with un-chamfered section means, edges are forms 90 degree. If you want to make the sharp edges or corners in plane (straight), simply apply this feature tool. Different types of Solidworks chamfer tools are available inside the chamfer property manager. They are angle-distance, distance-distance and vertex are the different modes of chamfer tool options in this cad software. Let us see one by one feature tool uses in step by step manner.

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How to Use SolidWorks Chamfer: Angle Distance Tutorial

Angle distance chamfer tool is located in chamfer property manager and which used to create chamfered corner or edge in sharp 3d object. The chamfering is depends on the angle and distance from the edge or corner. But default, 45 degree is cutting plane angle and distance is 10 mm.

Here, I am using a 3D rectangle box to show different types of Solidworks chamfer tools tutorials.

Step 1

Open Solidworks and create new part file. Then select default plane and normal to surface. Draw rectangle on it using rectangle sketch tool and using extrude boss tool, extrude it into 3D rectangular box.


Step 2

Click on the “Exit the Sketch” and go to Solidworks features command manager or insert menubar and click on the Solidworks chamfer.

 Using Command Manager:-


Using Menubar:-

Go to Solidworks menubar and click on the insert menubar. From the drop down menu, select “features” and click on the “Chamfer”.


Insert –>Features –>Solidworks Chamfer

Then you can see the “Chamfer property manager” in Solidworks user interface.


Step 3

Select the edge and set the “angle” and “distance” of chamfer. If you increase the distance, the chamfering distance increases equally from the selected edge.

For angle, one side is fixed and other moves according to change in angle made in property manager.

Here I want to set “distance = 20 mm” and “angle = 60 degree”.


Flip direction of chamfer:-


Click green tick button to OK and obtain the final chamfered edge with set distance and angle.


How to Use SolidWorks Chamfer: Distance Distance Tutorial

Distnace distance chamfer tool is used to create chamfer, if you only know the two distances (horizontal and vertical) from the edge. Here angle adjust is not possible.

Step 1 and step 2 are same. I am going to explain it from step3.

Step 3

In “chamfer property manager” select the “distance distance” chamfer tools and select the edge as you need to do chamfering.

Set “distance 1 and distance 2” in the property manager. If you want equal distance in both directions, tick on the “equal distance” option.

Here I am going to set “distance 1 = 5 mm and distance 2 = 10 mm”.


Equal distance chamfer (5mm each)


Final distance distance chamfered edge. You can apply same things by selecting the faces of rectangular surface.


How to Use SolidWorks Chamfer: Vertex Tutorial

The vertex chamfer is also possible using this tool in Solidworks cad software and it is used to cut or make pointed vertex into plane vertex, according to cut distances in X,Y and Z axis. See the vertex chamfering tutorial below.

Follow the Step 1 and Step 2, which are same.

In “chamfer property manager” select the “vertex” chamfer tools and select the vertex or corner as you need to do chamfering.

Set the dimensionsdistance 1, distance 2 and distance 3” in the chamfer property manager. If you want an equal distance chamfered corner in both directions, tick on the “equal distance” option.

Here I am going to set “distance 1 = 15 mm, distance 2 = 5 mm, and distance 3 =10 mm”.


Equal distance chamfer (15mm each)


Final distance distance chamfered corner or vertex.


This way you can use Solidworks chamfer tools for producing different chamfered corners, edges or faces in CAD programs.

If you have suggestions or doubts about this Solidworks tutorial, share in comment or contact me using contact box. Thank you friends.

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