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SolidWorks Command Manager: Features Toolbars

The command manger of SolidWorks contains the important or featured tools for making new designs. In the SolidWorks user interface, the command manger lies just below the Menubar and have 4 sub-sections (default). You can add more sub-sections by customizing the command interface. Here you are going to see the SolidWorks Features tool which helps a lot to make the designs in 3D. This tutorial only introduces the each tools the Features toolbar, represent it with their icon button and its functions also explained.

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Note: Before using Features tools, you must complete the Sketch of the part.

SolidWorks Features Toolbar

solidworks features toolbar screenshots1

The features toolbar contains very important and useful tools for 3D solid modeling. Let us see the functions of each of the features tools.

Extrude Boss/Base

The Extrude Boss/base is one of the most frequently used tools in SolidWorks, which enables to convert a 2D sketch into 3D model. It helps to add material to your sketch files. It is represented by icon solidworks extrude bossorbase button

When you click on the Extrude button, the property manager opens which is shown below.


boss extrude property manager

From this property manager you can add materials to your sketch drawing in one or two direction, make it thin feature or only for selected contours.

Revolve Boss/Base


solidworks revolved boss or base button

The revolve feature enables to add materials to your 2D sketch by revolving a long as centerline or axis. The revolve boss/base is actually rotate the sketch along an axis. It helps to create parts shows the symmetry like cylinder, sphere, pulleys etc.

revolve boss base property manager

Swept Boss/Base

solidworks sweept boss or base button

It is sweep feature which sweeps a closed profile through a open or closed path for making solid object. This feature helps to make solid part by guiding through a definite path.

sweep property manager solidworks swept boss or base feature tutorials

Loft Boss/Base

solidworks loft boss or base button

It helps to create solid model between two profiles in a certain distance. It needs two or more profiles to add materials into it.

solidworks features tools loft boss or base property mananger

Boundary Boss/Base

solidworks boundary boss or base button

It also helps to add materials between profiles in two directions to create solid object.

solidworks features tools boundary boss or base property mananger

Note: above boss feature tools are add materials to create 3D solid objects using 2D closed or open sketch or profiles.

Extrude Cut


solidworks extrude cut button

Unlike the extrude boss, the Extrude cut removes the material from 3D model by using a closed sketch (circle or rectangle etc). You can do the cut in one or two directions the using the property menu.

solidworks features tools extrude cut property mananger

Revolved Cut

solidworks revolved cut button

Using the Revolved Cut, you can remove the material by revolving a closed sketch around an axis.

solidworks features tools revolved cut property mananger

Loft Cut

solidworks loft cut button

You can remove the materials between two profiles using the Loft Cut feature.

solidworks features tools loft cut property mananger

Swept Cut

solidworks swept cut button

It cuts the solid model by sweeping closed profiles through a curved path.

solidworks features tools swept cut property mananger

Boundary Cut

solidworks boundary cut button

It also cut the material from the solid material between two profiles.

solidworks features tools boundary cut property mananger

Hole Wizard

solidworks hole wizard button

You can insert the per-defined hole in the solid body. This feature is very helpful to make fastener holes in the model.

solidworks features tools hole wizard property mananger


solidworks fillet button

It creates round internal or external faces by using the edges of the solid model. You can control the radius of the fillet from the property manager.

solidworks features tools fillet property mananger


solidworks chamfer button

It helps to cut the edges to a certain angle and creates a flat face on the edges by removing some materials.

solidworks features tools chamfer property mananger


solidworks mirror button

If you want to create the mirror of a model, use the Mirror feature.

solidworks features tools mirror property mananger

Linear Pattern

solidworks linear pattern button

If you want to create series of hole in the body of model in linear manner, use Linear Pattern.

solidworks features tools linear pattern property mananger

Circular Pattern

solidworks circular pattern button

To arrange holes in circular manner.

solidworks features tools circular pattern property mananger

In pattern section, curve driven, sketch driven and table drive pattern feature are available. These features will see one by one in SolidWorks tutorials.

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