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SolidWorks Command Manager: Features Toolbars


solidworks rib button

It adds this walled support to the solid body. You can also do it using the extrude boss, but for saving the time, Rib options the best.

solidworks features tools rib property mananger


solidworks draft button

If you want to taper the face of solid body in particular angle about plane or parting line use the Draft feature.

solidworks features tools draft property mananger


solidworks shell button

To create thin walled solid box, use the shell feature.

solidworks features tools shell property mananger


solidworks warp button

It helps to create a closed contour on the face of a solid body.

solidworks features tools wrap property mananger1

Reference Geometry


solidworks refernce geometry button

It contains features such as Planes, Axis, Co-ordinate system, point and mate references.


solidworks curves button

It helps to make 3D curve line on the user-interface of the Solid works. It also contains options like Split line, Project curve, Composite Curve, Curve through XYZ points and curve through reference points. Also Read How to Use Spline Sketch tool creating Curves.


These are the features tools which are contained in the Solidworks Command manager. These tools help to make solid 3D designs of various shapes or profiles. This article only explains the functions and introduces the main features property manager menus. I the upcoming tutorials, you will how to use the each one of the tools in very detail.

Thank you for reading and feel free to express the honest opinions about this post and my SolidWorks Tutorials blog.

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