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How to Use SolidWorks Fillet Constant Radius Tool

In the Fillet property manager, you can find “Constant radius” option, which is used to create round edge or corners with constant radius. You cannot have any control over the fillet radius. The radius is constant throughout the edges.


First Create a Model using Extrude Boss/Base or combination of different features and sketch toolbars. I also created model for showing the filleting process example using rectangle sketch and extrude boss.

how to use solidworks fillet feature selection from features command manager step 2 1024x621

Other SolidWorks Placed Features:-


You have two options to select solidworks fillet in this cad program, which is shown below.

From Features Command manager

solidworks fillet selection from the faetures command manager area or ui

From Insert Menubar

Click on the “Insert Menubar” and from the drop-down menubar select “Features” and click on the “Fillet” option which is shown below.

solidowrks fillet selection from insert menubar


Then “Fillet property manager” will appear on the Solidworks user-interface and select “Constant Radius” as fillet type. Select the any one of the edge by clicking on it.

In “Items to Fillet” section, enter the Fillet radius (say Fillet radius =15 mm in this example). If you select the Full preview or partial preview, the yellow lines shows the way of filleting the selected edges.

how to use solidworks fillet feature constant radius fillet tool step 3

Click on the Green tick button to Apply “OK”. You can also select other edges fro filleting using the Constant radius fillet option. In this fillet, the fillet radius one set, it is constant throughout the fillet.

how to use solidworks fillet feature constant radius fillet tool step 4

Note: Constant radius fillet can be applied for edges, faces, features and loops.

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