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How to Use SolidWorks Fillet Variable Radius Tool

In the Fillet property manager, you can find “variable radius” option, which is mainly used to apply different radius through a single fillet instead giving constant fillet radius. Step 1 and Step 2 are same and follow it.


Select the “variable radius fillet” as fillet type in property manager. In “items to fillet” section select the face or edge. Here I am select “edge<1>” and tick on the “Tangent propagation”.


In the “Variable Radius parameters”, enter radius of fillet according to selected number of instances. Here “Number of instances = 3”. So you can see three points in the select fillet edge which is orange in color.

In “Attached radii”, assign fillet radius of each instances. Here V1= 15 mm, V2= 15 mm, P1= 10 mm, P2= 7 mm and P3= 9mm. For entering values click on the each points and in the “unassigned” portion, click on it and direct enter the values.


After assigning all the fillet radius values, click on the green tick button to get final filleted model.


Note: Variable radius fillet can be applied for edges, faces, features and loops.

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