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SolidWorks Fillet Features Tool Tutorials_SolidWorks Tutorial 25

How to Use SolidWorks Face Fillet Tool

Face fillet is mainly used for filleting the edges or corners between the face sets.

Like the previous tutorials, step-1 and step 2 are same.


Open the fillet property manager by clicking on the “fillet features” tool and select “face fillet”.

In “Items to Fillet” set the “fillet radius =15 mm” and Click on model part face 1 (blue) and face 2 (pink) colored portion.

solidowrks face fillet face set 1 and face set 2 selction with fillet radius 15 mm assigned 1024x595

Click on the Green tick button to get final face filleted design part.

solidwork face fillet final image preview 1024x543<< Variable Radius Fillet Tutorial

Full Round Fillet Tutorial >>

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