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How to Use SolidWorks Full Round Fillet Tool

Full round fillet is to make complete round fillet using three consecutive faces and convert them as round section starts from face 1 and ends at face 3. The three faces must be in order “Side Face Set 1, Center Face Set and Side Face Set 2”.


Select the “Full round fillet” as fillet type in the fillet property manager.

In “Items to Fillet” select the first face 1 (blue box) shown in figure. (Side Face Set 1)


Select second box (dark blue) and click on the second face (face-2). (Center Face Set)


Also select the third face by click on the face-3 after selecting the pink box. (Side Face Set 2)


If the selections of faces are correct, it shows the full preview by yellow colored lines. If the preview is not there, your face selection should be wrong. Correct by trial and error method.


Click on the green tick button to get final full round fillet design part.

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