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Solidworks Heads Up View Toolbar: View Orientation

Welcome to Solidworks Tutorials for beginners. View orientation is one of the useful view tool used in Solidworks CAD program. It is providing different view orientation as per your need and you can also see the different view angles at a time using this tool. View orientation is mainly located in Heads up view toolbar. Let us see the how to use solidworks view orientation tool for different views.

What is SolidWorks View Orientation Tool?

It helps to change the current view orientation to different one. It contains Top & Bottom View, Left & Right View, Front & Back View, Normal To, Single View, Two View-Horizontal, Two View- Vertical, Four View, Trimetric, Dimetric and Isometric views. The below part is shown in the image is used to show the how to use the solidworks different view orientation tools. It is created by using Rectangle and Circle sketch tools and extrude boss/base and extrude cut , Fillet features. Rough dimensions are considered.


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How to Use Normal To View Tool

It is very useful view tool which zooms and rotate the model or part normal (perpendicular) to the selected plane, plane face or feature. You can simply click on the plane or feature surface as you want to normalize it.


Then go to Heads up View toolbar and click on the ‘view orientation’ button and from the appearing box, select ‘Normal To’ option. solid-work-normal-to-button


Click on the right mouse button and from the drop down menu select ‘Normal To’ button.


Then the selected portion of model is normalizing to your plane like in the image below.


Top View Tool

When you click on the Top view button, it automatically rotates and zooms the model to top view orientations. You no need to select the top plane in the model like normal to option. If you want to see the common top view of your deign or model, select the ‘Top view’ button.



Isometric View Tool

Isometric view tool helps to rotate and zoom model to isometric view orientations.solidworks-isometric-view-button


Trimetric View tool (3D view)

It provides the 3D model view and when you click on the trimetric view button, it gives view like below in the figure. solidworks-trimetric-button


Dimetric View Tool

It rotates and zooms model part to dimetric view orientations. solidworks-dimetric-button


Left View Tool

To see the left side of model click on the left view button. solidworks-left-view-button


Front View Tool

It helps to see the front plane view of your model. solidworks-front-view-button


Right View Tool

It helps to see the right side of the model. solidworks-right-view-button


Back View Tool

It rotates and zooms the model to back view orientation and resulting back view. solidworks-back-view-button


Bottom View Tool

It rotates and zoom model to bottom and give bottom view of it. solidworks-bottom-view-button


Two view–Horizontal tool

It is like view port, which divides the solid works graphics area in to two horizontal frames and displays the front and top views. two-view-horizontal-solid-works


Two view–Vertical Tool

The graphics area divided vertically into two and displays front and right views. two-view-vertical-solid-works


Four View Tool

Graphics area is converted into four view ports and displays the first or third angle projection views. The views are responsive also. four-view-solid-works


Overall, this Solidworks tutorial post deals with the different view orientation tools and also shows how to use normal to and other view tool buttons in detail.

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