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Windows 10 Battery Setting Tutorial

Welcome to Windows 10 Tutorials for beginners and you are going to learn Windows 10 battery setting and battery saver. Battery setting is part of system settings which is especially in windows 10 laptop or tablet. Using this, you can do battery power management just like in your smartphone. It will analyze the battery consumption of each windows apps and reported to you.

Battery saver will helps to extend the battery life by limiting the background application run and activities. It also give push notifications to inform about current battery status. Let us see Windows 10 tutorial for battery settings.

How to Enable Battery Saver | Windows 10 Battery Setting #1


Click on Startmenu and select the Windows 10 Settings.


You have to click on the “System Tab” and you will direct to System settings dialogue box.


From system tab sidebar, click on The “Battery” and you will see various battery setting in it.


Under the battery saver heading, you have to “Tick” on the box first (Turn battery saver on automatically if my battery falls below) and also set the meter too. By ticking, you are enable battery saver in Windows 10. And when the battery saver comes to action by setting the battery meter mentioned in percentage.

For example, if you set it in 20% in this meter, battery saver will automatically engage (turn on) when the battery power reaches 20% or below of charge remaining.


You can also save battery charge by enable Lower Screen Brightness option here.

How to Analyze Which Windows Apps Consumes more Power Tutorial #2


In the Battery Settings, you have to click on “See which Apps are Affecting your Battery Life”.


It will analyze and show which apps you used most and consumes more battery charge. You also get information in Notifications bar.

This is all about Windows 10 Battery Setting tutorial and especially made for beginners. I hope you could have learn to enable battery saver and analyze most battery consuming apps in Windows 10. If you have any doubts and new thoughts, feel free share with us via comments or contact box. Thank you friends.

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