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Windows 10 Tutorials 4: How to Change Profile Picture

Windows 10 is latest operating system from Microsoft, which is very simple and user-friendly than previous versions. The most of windows 10 main apps like cortana, calendar, mail, skype etc works with Microsoft account. This windows 10 tutorial, I am going show how to add a profile picture in your account. Here shows two methods to add profile photo in your pc account. One is using start menu and other is via, settings option.

Note: This Windows 10 tutorials is completely for beginner level people.

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How to Add or Change Profile Photo in Windows 10

Step 1

I think you know how to sign in to your windows 10 pc account. If you don’t know it, Read how to create Microsoft account tutorial now.

After signing in, you can see the windows 10 pc desktop. Click on the start menu button. You can locate the start menu button at the bottom left corner is shown below.


Step 2

Click on the top option in start menu showing your computer name and then you can see the drag drop menu. Then click on the “Change account Settings” as shown in the figure below.


Step 3

The change account settings option will redirect to account settings page of your windows 10 pc which is also shown below. Select the “Your account” section. Here you can see the “Your Picture” section.


If you have photo in your harddisk, click on the “Browse” button. Then you can see the dialogue box, from that select the photo file (.jpeg or .png format) as you wish to add to as profile picture. If you don’t have a picture, you can create one using webcam.


Then click “Choose Picture”. The new picture is added to your windows 10 pc.


Click start menu button and select the “Settings” option. Then you can see the settings dialogue box.



Select the “Accounts” option from it.

Then you can see the change picture option the your account subsection. This is just an alternate way to access the account section via, settings page.

Overall, Windows 10 tutorial is very simple and I tried to include maximum images with marked important portions.

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If you have any doubt or confusion related to this tutorial, feel free to ask me via comment form. Thank you friends.

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