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Windows Tutorials 5: Windows 10 File Explorer

Hai Friends, Welcome to 5th Windows 10 tutorials for beginners and here I am going to show the new “windows 10 file explorer“. File explorer is one of the quick file access option in windows 10, which is much more improved than windows 7/8/8.1. In this operating system, it will help you to find the most frequent/useful file or folder with less than two mouse clicks. This windows 10 tutorials, I am going to explain about windows 10 file explorer user interface, how to access and use this option.

Note: This windows 10 tutorials are completely for beginners

Windows 10 File Explorer

Before going to see the windows 10 file explorer user interface, you must know how to access this option. Here I am sharing three methods to find the “File Explorer” button.

Using Start Menu

Click on the Start menu button and then you can see 4th option from bottom at the sidebar, which is shown below.


Start menu Button –> File Explorer

Using Taskbar

From taskbar, click on the “file explorer” button which is (red color) marked in the image below.


Using My PC/Computer

Double click on the “My PC” icon in the windows 10 desktop.


Then you can see the dialogue box, which contains your storage drivers, personal folders like desktop, documents, downloads, music, pictures and videos. Click on the Red marked portion called as “Quick access“.


It will lead you to access the file explorer dialogue box which is shown in the image below.


Double click “My PC” –> Click on “Quick access” in the sidebar

Windows 10 File Explorer UI

The above image shows the File Explorer user interface in windows 10.

Here you can see the folders and files are arranged separately as per the frequency of its usage (frequent folder and Recent files). If you deal with a particular document/video/music, windows 10 OS will understand as that file become very important to user and make it easily available to them. This is one of the value addition to windows 10 user friendly features.

Here shows the my frequent folder list that I used with windows 10 operating system.

Desktop: It contains the all applications icons, folders and other files in your desktop.

Documents: It contains my saved document files, applications saved data etc.

Downloads: It is folder for saving or downloading different files from the internet. You can easily access the downloaded files using this option.

Pictures: It shows all picture files and camera rolls of different formats such as .jpeg, .png, etc

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These are the main folders frequently used in my computer. Other folders are recently used folders.

You can close this dialogue box by clicking on the cross button at the top right corner of the file explorer interface.

This is all about windows 10 file explorer user interface and shows how to access it using three methods.

Feel free to share your honest opinions about this windows 10 tutorials and express it as comments. Thank you.


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