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Windows 10 Notifications and Actions Tutorial | Windows 10 Tutorials 17

Welcome to Windows 10 tutorials for beginners and today, you are going to learn how to use Windows 10 notifications and actions. It is one of the important feature which always inform you about current operating system status, problems of OS or related Windows 10 apps. It always appearing in the Notifications bar. Here, you can learn Windows 10 notifications settings, how to access it,  edit quick actions menu, disable Windows notifications in desktop and lock screen. Upgrade to Windows 10 Professional ($143 at Amazon)

What is Windows 10 Notifications and Action Center?

Notifications and action center settings are controlling the Notification bar and quick action center in Windows 10. It helps to show notifications related to applications, performance, windows 10 update notifications, new features etc. Quick action center helps to directly access to certain settings like Network, Airplane mode, VPN, Focus assist, Connect to phone, brightness, night light and all windows 10 settings.

Main uses are:-

  • Enable or disable windows notifications on desktop and lock screen
  • Add or edit quick actions items
  • Show the incoming VoIP calls notification on Lock screen
  • Get notifications from the Windows OS and other Windows apps
  • Setup Notifications for Specific app

Let us see how to work in Windows Notifications and action center setting step by step.

How to Access Windows 10 Notifications and Action center | Tutorial 1

Access using System settings


Go to Windows 10 StartMenu and click on “Settings” from the appearing startmenu.

Then, select the “System Tab” from the settings dialogue box.


Now, you can see the system settings and select the “Notifications and Actions” from the sidebar.


Statmenu –> Settings –> System –> Notifications and actions

You can see the headings of Quick actions, Notifications and get notifications from senders.

Access using Notifications bar


From the Windows 10 desktop, you have move your mouse cursor to right most corner of taskbar. Here, you can find the “Notifications bar” and click on it.


Now, you can see notification bar with quick action buttons. Click on the “All Settings” to access the Windows 10 settings. And remaining procedure is same like System tab to Notification and actions.

Notification bar –> All settings –> System –> Notifications and actions

How to Setup Notifications for Specific Application | Tutorial 2

Here, I will show you an example by setting notification of Free Download Manager app which is installed in my computer. You can do with any of the default or installed apps for changing their notification settings.

Firs open the “Free Download Manager App” and go to “Notifications and actions” in windows system settings.


Under the “Get Notifications from these senders” heading, you can scroll down and find the “Free Download Manager”. Click on it to open to notification settings.


Here you can enable or disable notifications of individual apps. You can set the action center settings and priory of action center.

How to Disable Windows 10 Notifications | Tutorial 3


For disable windows 10 notifications, click on the buttons of each options shown here. You have to turn off all options to disable windows notifications.

How to Edit Quick Actions Menu | Tutorial 4


Under the “Quick actions” heading, you can see the enabled quick actions items. You have to click on any item and hold your left mouse button. Then, drag to rearrange the items in it.


To add or remove any of quick actions items, you have click on “add or remove quick actions”.


You can see dialogue box which contains available quick actions items. You have to click on each item to turn on or off it.

These are the Windows 10 notifications and actions tutorials. I hope you should learn how to use Windows 10 notifications and actions. Upgrade to Windows 10 Professional ($143 at Amazon)

If you have any doubts or thoughts, don’t for get to share through comments or contact box.

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