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Windows 10 Tutorials 11: Settings User Interface (UI) Explained

Welcome to windows 10 tutorials to all beginners and intermediate users. This is the 11th post of windows 10 tutorial, explains about the new windows 10 setting user interfaces. It also include tutorial of how to access setting option and each options applications are also explained in this tutorials post.

Windows 10 Settings

Do you know the ControlPanel of windows 7/8/8.1? Windows 10 settings UI is also same as the controlpanel in the previous operating systems of windows, but not full options of controlpanel are involved. It is trusted windows store app which will get to your computer, via windows 10 update installation. Control panel is desktop app which is still their having full power of system security and apps control (uninstall).


Windows 10 setting is really useful in terms of quick accessing of different options in one UI. That means, you access every option inside the setting like browsing on the web. Each options are clearly arranged and abilities of each one are mentioned nicely.

How to Access Windows 10 Settings UI

Using Start Menu

Click on startmenu and select The “Settings” from it, which shown below.


Using My Computer or This PC

You can find the “This PC” icon (which is computer pictured icon); double click on it and it will open the This PC user interface, from that click on the “Open Settings”.


What is inside Settings?

The windows 10 settings app contained several options like System, Devices, Personalization, Accounts, Time and Languages, Internet and Network, Ease of access, privacy, update and security. Here I will only share the what are the uses of these settings options. On later posts, I will explain each one of the options tutorials in the Windows 10 Tutorials for beginners series.

Windows 10 Settings: System

The “System” is the first option in the settings which mainly controls the display settings of your PC, notifications setup, power management, storage, apps and features controls etc. You can also enable the multitasking and tablet modes from the system settings.

Windows 10 Settings: Devices

Devices settings are completely related to the connected devices, Bluetooth and media control settings. Here you can control the connected devices via device manager, also setup the printers and scanners etc. Bluetooth option also access from these UI and pairing jobs are easily done with it.

Windows 10 Settings: Network & Internet

Network and internet option contains all related with internet and network control like Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Data usage, VPN, Dial-UP and proxy. Airplane mode is also activated from this UI.

Windows 10 Settings: Personalization

The personalization settings is a desktop customization option, in which you can change background wallpapers, colors, Windows 10 themes, lock screen pictures etc.

Windows 10 Settings: Accounts

For all the windows OS, you can make different user account, if your computer is shared with others also. Accounts option will help to do that and also helps to change the profile pictures, password, and full control of the other user accounts, if you are the administrator.

Windows 10 Settings: Time & Language

Here you setup the time of your desktop or laptop, language as you need with your PC and speech setup also. Speech setting is always depends on the type of language as you set in the language section.

Windows 10 Settings: Ease of Access

Windows 10 also provide cool settings called “Ease of access”. In this, I like the narrator setting, which reads the text whatever in your onboard. While internet browsing, sometimes I feel little tired of reading. But the narrator option helps me to read the things, only I need to hear it. Other options are also included such as Magnifier, High contrast templates, caption display setup, mouse pointer setup, keyboard keys settings and visual options.

Windows 10 Settings: Privacy

Privacy is one of the main options which allow users to hide their information from others. That means, without user permission, third parties can’t access it. Windows 10 is also having several apps like android phones. Here you can control the apps access of different parts of your PC such as camera, microphone, messaging, photos, music, etc. You can also control the background apps running which are important in terms of internet data consumption and performance of your PC with windows 10 OS.

Windows 10 Settings: Update & Security

According to this OS, update is an important feature, because Microsoft will not going to release new version of windows (as per announcements) , only provide the latest update via windows 10 update settings. Security feature of windows 10 is Windows defender which defends you system against malicious softwares and virus attack, if you don’t have additional antivirus tools. It also provide backup, recovery and developer options.

These are the main options contain the windows 10 settings app. It is also connected with your specific settings. This app only helps to access these settings with ease and your windows apps are controlled by this app. In the later posts, each one of the options tutorials is explained in very detail.

Feel free to share your honest opinions about this how to tutorial post and thank you friends.

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