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Windows 10 System Settings UI | Windows 10 Tutorials 14

Welcome to Windows 10 tutorials for beginners and in this post you are going to see about Windows 10 system settings. It is sub tab of Windows 10 settings app which contains system related settings like display, sound, storage, power, notification control, battery, tablet mode, remote desktop and multitasking. In this windows 10 Tutorial post, you are going to see each of the system tab options in Windows 10 settings app.

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Let us get familiar each System tab features user interface and their functions in your computer.

What is Windows 10 System Settings?

It is complete ability of your computer system which capable and also gets control over them. Here you can meet several system features like display, battery, storage and other options. It also give your system information (about system) in your Windows 10 PC. Mainly system settings are used to control over the main system features. Here, you can see each system tab features in detail.

Display Windows 10 System Settings

Display is one of the main part of computer. It helps to display actions and see the things that you are doing in the PC. So, It should pleasing to eye for effective working and productivity to the users. The display system settings helps you to make adjust brightness of display, Resolution of your screen, Scaling of text, detection of multiple displays, Graphics settings and advanced display settings. It also contains Night mode option, which controls the brightness and color of screen in the night.


You can schedule the time for enabling the night mode. It would be more helpful for using Windows 10 tablet or pc as book reading.

Sound Windows 10 System Settings


Sound system tab is helps to get control over the system sounds, select output and input sound devices, adjust sound level (both output and input), app volume control individually, direct access to sound device properties and Trouble shoot options.

Notifications & Actions System Tab


It controls the notifications of several apps and notification bar area. You can arrange or edit the quick actions buttons in the notification bar using this system tab. It helps to control the notifications on lock screen, Notifications from apps and senders and Reminders about VoIP calls on the lock screen.

Power & Sleep System Settings


Power and sleep are the one of the important system settings which helps to manage the power of your battery. You can setup the screen turn off and sleep time of your pc in battery on and plugged in conditions (charging). If you forgot to do turn off pc, these settings will automatically do the rest in an inactive computer.

Battery System Windows Settings


Battery charge control is need of Windows 10 laptop pc or Tablet. Like in your smartphone, there is cool feature “battery saver” which can setup it here. It also indicate the battery life of your computer. There is another feature which helps to analyze the consumption of battery in your system. From that, you will get to know which windows apps consume more power than others.

Storage System Windows Settings


It shows the local storage drives and also give information of types of files stored in these drives. The storage sense feature helps to free up the space by deleting the temporary files and cleaning up the recycle bin. It also helps to manage storage space and change where new content is used.

Tablet Mode Settings

To select tablet or desktop mode, you can setup here in Tablet mode system Windows settings. You can also hide apps icons or hide taskbar in tablet model. Here, you can turn on or off it according to mode you selected.

MultiTasking System Settings


Here, you can see the setting of Virtual desktops and also snap settings.

Remote Desktop Settings


Remote desktop system feature enables to connect PC remotely through remote desktop client app. You can access your Windows 10 PC directly from other device. Here, I am using the windows 10 home edition, so it doesn’t support for me. You have to Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Pro Only for $143 in Amazon.

This is all about the Windows 10 System settings app user interface. It explains each of the sub tabs in system settings. You will see very detailed Windows 10 tutorial for each tab sections.

Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions as comments. Thank you friends.

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