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Windows 10 Taskbar

Do you know about the new Microsoft windows 10 taskbar and available options? It is a dark black colored portion, located at the bottom of the desktop by default. The taskbar is one of the important windows 10 user interfaces, which have functions such as shows the presently running tasks, help to access them, allows pinning of favorite apps or files, managing the running apps etc. These are also called the main functions or abilities of windows 10 taskbar. It contains the, start menu button, Cortana search box, taskview, Microsoft edge browser, file explorer, windows store and other options.

Note of Readers:- If you are an expert in windows 10 or windows other operating systems, please quit and this is mainly for people have very less knowledge in computer or windows operating systems. I mean these Microsoft windows 10 tutorials are only for beginners and people likes learn this operating system in depth.

In this new OS, you can place taskbar as your wish. It also has property value, which controls customization and other options. This post try to cover the full options of Windows 10 Taskbar and it is very important to learn each of them, if you are starter level learner. If you feel I miss something, feel free to comment me.

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Let us see each one of the features of in detail.



TaskView is new feature added to windows 10 operating system which helps to show the running apps. It mainly helps to create more than two desktops in a single computer. You can call it as “Virtual Desktop”. I mainly used this virtual desktop for differentiating my work desktop from gaming, social networking etc. That is one desktop for my blog works, another one is for pc games etc. You can create unlimited number of virtual desktop if you need it.

Cortana Search Box


Cortana is special feature which enables to automate most of the common jobs or functioning of your computer. The Microsoft tries to convert your computer like a talking and functioning robot as per your need. I don’t know how much impact for a common man’s life? In my prediction, it is very useful for business persons and people are very busy with their life.

The Cortana is semi automated robot helps to search files, create reminders, and search on web, find and opening some of the apps inside in your PC. All you need to first learn your voice to the cortana. It is very easy and I will shows later. For the effective utilization cortana, be ready with your microphone and internet connectivity of your computer.

Cortana user interface is very simple and you can access it from the taskbar search bar by clicking on it. Before going to you must have Microsoft mail account. If you don’t have Microsoft mail id, Read How to Create New Microsoft Account in Windows 10 Tutorial.

Microsoft Edge


Another major addition of Microsoft windows 10 is “Microsoft Edge browser”. The internet explorer 11 is still here for browsing, but I think Microsoft edge is better and faster than explorer 11. In 2014, Internet Explorer old versions hack vulnerability issues are grown very much and Microsoft rethinks the more secure browser than explorer. I think it is will lead to great addition of this Edge browser. Anyway, it is very cool browser integrated with bing search bar, webpage share options, you can annotate the important parts of the web page and very much read friendly than internet explorer.

File Explorer


File explorer button helps to directly access the files in your storage space (Harddisk). You can easily access the documents, pictures, videos, music, downloads, This PC etc via, File Explorer. You can also access this option from the start menu. For user easiness, windows 10 is pinned this button to taskbar by default.

Windows Store


Windows store is cool app which helps to access the more Microsoft apps collections; contains both free and paid apps. You can install the each apps in your pc from the store. You need a solid internet connection for downloading these applications from the windows store. One of the great advantage is you can play most of the Smartphone (android and windows ) games, networking apps in your pc.

Taskbar Properties

Windows 10 Taskbar have some property values, you can access by move your mouse pointer to the taskbar and click mouse right button. Then you see the menu as shown below in the image.

windows-10-taskbar-menu-option-when-right-mouse-clickedHere you can see certain options like Toolbars, Cortana, Show Task view button, Show touch keyboard, Cascade windows, Show windows stacked, show windows side by side show desktops, task manager, lock taskbar and properties. These all options are used to control the taskbar task’s and views. Here I just cover each taskbar menu options and will shows each option tutorials in upcoming posts.

Toolbars: Toolbars are helps to add some of the important tools to your windows 10 taskbar. It contains the address tools, link tools, supportassist, and desktop tools. Also you can add new toolbars to your taskbar.

Cortana: It helps to control the view of cortana in your taskbar area. By using this menu option, you can hide, show cortana icon or show the cortana search box.

Show Task View Button: It helps to enable or disable task view button from taskbar.

Show touch keyboard: The touch keyboard option is very useful in your pc enabled with touch display or windows 10 tablet. This option helps to enable or disable the view of keyboard.


Cascade Windows: Cascading the opened task or apps interfaces in your desktop.


Show windows stacked: It helps to arrange the all opened windows tasks in desktop like stacked view.

Shows Windows side by side: It helps to arrange the opened apps in side by side manner.


Show Desktop: If you want to minimize the all opened tasks with one click, you just select the “Show Desktop” option.

Task Manager: It is one of the important feature which helps to manage all foreground and background apps in your windows 10 pc. You should take care of dealing with this. I will show you some of the important uses in the upcoming windows 10 tutorials.

Lock Taskbar: It helps to lock or unlock the taskbar in your desktop area. You can change the position of taskbar to either two sides or upside of your desktop by unlocking it using this menu option. For changing, click and hold left mouse button and drag it towards the side as you need to place your taskbar. It’s done.


windows-10-taskbar-properties-dialogue-boxThe property dialogue box is accessed using the above menu option. You can see three subsections such as taskbar, navigation and toolbars.

Taskbar Tab

You can lock taskbar, enable auto-hide, change the icon sizes and customize the taskbar and notification area. Here I’m show the favorite options checked and customization tips in the image. You can set your taskbar like this or your own style by selecting the other options. It is very simple and no danger moves involved in it. You can also customize the notification bar with in this property.

Navigation tab helps to replace your command prompt with windows powershell in the menu when I right click on the lower left corner or press “windows key + X” on your keyboard.

Toolbar tab bears the same toolbars as explained at the top of the taskbar properties.

Overall, Windows taskbar is one of the important user interface of windows 10 operating system. As a beginner you should understand the taskbar and its capabilities, because it will be more helpful in advancing the learning of windows 10. You can see the more applications of windows 10 taskbar in the upcoming tutorials. If you are confuse to upgrade windows 10, look at the system requirements.

If you have any suggestions or opinions about this post, feel free to comment or shout me tutorials contact form.

Thank you friends. Happy learning!

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