Welcome to Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorials for Beginners series using Home Version. Windows 10 is one of the latest operating system released on the July, 2015 and Microsoft provides it as for free genuine pc users. But most of the people confused with Windows 8/8.1 about operation, accessing different apps, settings etc. In windows 10, the user interface is very much improved and I think most of the difficulties are removed as in win 8/8.1.


This tutorials is completely for beginners who face problems to how to access or how to use the different options in windows 10 operating system. It mainly covers the windows 10 basics, different user interface, settings, startmenu, taskbar, action center etc. Most of the steps are explained with words, screenshots or images, which provide better follow-up to users. I also planned to give beginner level windows 10 video tutorials in my YouTube video channel.

Below listed all the windows Ten tutorials published in this blog.

Also this how to tutorials blog gives best and useful software for windows pc. The windows app features explained with their advantages and disadvantages.

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Windows 10 Basics | Windows 10 Tutorials for Beginners

Microsoft Windows 10 Basic Features

Microsoft Windows 10 System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 10 User Interface

Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10 Taskbar

Windows 10 Settings

Windows Ten Settings Tutorial | Windows 10 Tutorials for Beginners

Windows 10 Tutorials 1: How to Create New Microsoft Account for Windows 10

Windows 10 Tutorials 2: How to Install Windows 10 Update in PC

Windows 10 Tutorials 3: Windows 10 Virtual Desktop/TaskView Button

Windows 10 Tutorials 4: How to Change Profile Picture

Windows 10 Tutorials 5: How to Use Windows 10 File Explorer

Windows 10 Tutorials 6: How to Use Windows 10 cortana

Windows 10 Tutorials 7: How to Use Windows Store

Windows 10 Tutorials 8: How to Use Shutdown/Sleep/Restart (Power options)

Windows 10 Tutorials 9: How to Create Windows 10 Themes in your PC

Windows 10 Tutorials 10: How to Add Windows 10 Desktop Background Picture

Windows 10 Tutorials 11: Windows 10 On Screen Keyboard Explained

Windows 10 Tutorials 12: How to Uninstall Windows Programs

Windows 10 Tutorials 13: How to Set Windows Default Apps

Windows 10 Tutorials 14: Windows 10 System Settings UI Explained

Windows 10 Tutorials 15: How to Adjust Screen Resolution and Brightness

Windows 10 Tutorial 16: Complete Windows Sound System Settings Tutorial

Windows 10 Tutorial 17: Notifications and Actions Tutorial

Useful Software for Windows PC

Best PDF Readers Software for PC


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