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Microsoft Windows 10 User Interface (UI)

Microsoft Windows 10 is one of the best trending operating system (OS), which is simple, easy to use and better performance than older Windows OS. You know Windows 10 UI is much more improved and combines the best parts of both Windows 7 and windows 8 operating system. It is very user friendly and easy to learn the new portions, mainly designed for touch as well as non-touch devices.

Here I am talk about the microsoft Windows 10 tutorials completely for beginners and intermediate users. So, I need to explain the each and every part Windows 10 user interface to them. This tutorial post only covers the main user interface portions from lock screen to desktop interfaces.

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Main Windows 10 User Interface

Lock Screen with Log in

When you press your computer or laptop power button, after the booting you can see the first user interface of Windows 10, that is the “Lock Screen”. The bottom left portion shows the time, day and date information’s and right bottom shows the “ connect to internet” and batterylife. Below shows the lock screen image.


Windows 10 Lock Screen/Tonasam

From the lock screen you log in to your windows 10 system desktop. To get the log in screen you just click anywhere or press “enter” in your keyboard, which is shown below.


Windows 10 Log in Screen/Tonasam

The center shows your photo (if add to your account),name of your computer and password entering portion. The bottom right side contains the “connect to internet”, “ease of access” and “Power button”.

Connect to Internet: It helps to connect your pc with internet via, Wi-Fi or modem. This option is also available in your Windows 10 desktop.

Ease of Access: It is very helpful option for people having small eye sight problems. It contains the Narrator, Magnifier, On-board screen keyboard, High contrast (ON/OFF), Stick keys (ON/OFF) and Filter keys (ON/OFF). On board keyboard is mainly for touch screen device to enter the password in the specified location. And click on the side arrow button to get into windows 10 desktop interface.

Windows 10 Desktop Area


Windows 10 Desktop Area/Tonasam

This is main UI of windows 10 called as “Desktop”. It contains the quick short cut icons of my computer and different other windows 10 programs installed in your pc. The “MY Computer” or “My PC” helps to explore the different locations of your stored files in the harddisk. You can also store the different files, folders, videos, pictures etc in the desktop area. The desktop background images enable the more attractive look to desktop and very pleasing to your eyes. You will see the detailed windows 10 tutorials in upcoming post of

The bottom dark potion is called taskbar and it contains the windows 10 start menu, cortana search bar, task view, Quick access pinned icons of Microsoft Edge, Windows store, Documents, battery life, sound, internet, notifications and other icons.

Windows 10 Start Menu

If you are using the Windows 8, you should understand difference between start menu with or without operating system. The Microsoft introduces an improved start menu by combining the windows 7 and windows 8 positive features.


Windows 10 Start Menu/Tonasam

The windows 10 start menu is very simple and look like fluid two column website page. The term fluid mean you can adjust the size of your start menu by dragging the sides of it. The left side contains the ALL apps, file explorer, power, settings and most used options. The functions of these options will explain in the upcoming windows tutorials in very detailed manner.

The right side contains the useful Microsoft windows apps such as calendar, news, mail, weather, cortana, Groove Music, Movies&TV, windows store apps etc. You can access any programs installed in the windows OS via start menu and helps to access the main computer settings windows through it.


The bottom dark colored bar is called the new Windows taskbar. It will help you to see the currently active or opened windows programs in your computer. The new taskbar is attached with search bar, task view button, Microsoft edge, windows store, documents explorer and other items.


Windows 10 Taskbar/Tonasam

The search bar helps to find any file or programs in your computer by just type the single word or related phrase. This search bar is also combines with Microsoft’s new feature called cortana, and you need to log in to your microsoft account to activate the cortana feature. If you don’t have one, read how to create new microsoft account in windows 10 here.

Another special feature of taskbar is Task View button. It will help to create virtual desktops and enables the multi tasking in windows 10 very effectively. You can create virtual desktops for your work, another for gaming and other for social networking etc.

Microsoft Edge browser is another icon pinned in the taskbar. This is windows 10 new browser which is very much improved in UI, browsing speed and security as compared with internet explorer. It will also comes with special features of annotating, share bars etc.

The documents folder icon helps to quick access to your document saved files without any hassle. It is just like the File Explorer, which are categories by the frequency of use. That means the folders and files are grouped and arranged as per most used items.

The Windows store app button enables to explore the both free and paid apps from the Microsoft’s store. You can easily find any apps as you want to install on your computer with store browser. One main thing you need a solid internet connection for proper working of this app.

New Notifications bar


New Notifications/Tonasam

The notifications bar is also improved from the older OS’s and combines with action center and some quick access options such as brightness control, PC/Tablet view, all settings, Airplane Mode, VPN, Battery saver, Wi-Fi enable/disable etc. The new notifications are instantly notified and remains in the action center till you view it.


These are the main windows 10 user interface, which is very much user friendly, simple and easy to understand for any people. It is designed to increase the productivity of users. This Microsoft windows 10 tutorial post only explains the most used UI and if you have any doubt in this post or windows 10 UI, feel free to ask via my contact form or comments.

Thank you friends and learn windows 10 operating system with ShoutMeTutorials.Com.

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