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WordPress Basics | WordPress Tutorial for Beginners

This blog shares WordPress tutorial of basic level to advanced level which contains whole information about to start a blog with WordPress platform (WP). The tutorials are contains step-by-step images with explanation of each steps. Also you can expect WordPress video tutorials through this educational blog which is hosted in YouTube, dailymotion and Vimeo. Before going to wordpress tutorials, you must know about WordPress basics, advantages, disadvantages, applications and how it helps to new bloggers to convert their ideas and creativity into realities.


What is WordPress?

Before going anything, you should know about the background of it for better understanding and effectiveness. Like that, WP is blog software which is completely free content management system (CMS), helps to create blog or website in the internet. It is based on cross platform of PHP and MYSQL languages which makes it very flexible and easy to use. See Official WP Site

The installation of WP blog software is very easy and within seconds you can completely install in it your server or computer. It is one of the reliable blogging software with support of more than 70 languages.  You can publish your articles or creativity with ease and more support of publishing tools with advanced search engine support too. The wordpress themes & plugins are making it more customizable and flexible according to bloggers use.

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WP is an open source CMS system licensed under GPL provides great freedom to users. It is developed by “WordPress Foundation”; community which lot of developers hard work gives us this free blogging platform. This blog saying about WordPress Self hosted blog, not about (already hosted).

According to 2016 survey, based on “usage of content management systems for websites/blogs” said that “WordPress is one of the major content creation platform (CMS) used for creating new websites or blogs and its about 26.4% as compared to other CMS system“. This survey is made by W3Techs.Com and saying that WP CMS system having a market share of 55.6%, which gives idea about importance of this platform and money value. But its still getting as open source or free blogging software.

Another cool feature of this blog software is that you monetize your WordPress blog with CPC/CPM/CPA companies to make money with your content. Mainly it gives better support to Google Adsense program, one of the best CPC ads revenue providing sites exist in the internet world and proud to say that I am also one of the users of adsense.

To run this wordpress blog software, you must have to buy web hosting service provider and domain name for your website. For that you have spend some money for it and lot of benefits will get with this in your blogging. It will provide professional look for your new blog and gives brand, authority with search engine boost to it. Read also How to Buy Domain Name From GoDaddy Domain Registrar

The main uses or applications of wordpress online blogging software are used as personal blog , nice blogs, make your own gallery, portfolio, business static websites, shopping stores, video blog or Vlogs, membership site, Multi-user sites,  multi blogging sites etc. The famous blogs which are using wordpress are Mashable, TechCrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Variety, Sony Music, MTV News, Best buy, ebay Inc, Bata, Quartz, Nokia Conversations, Ford social, Fortune, Time Inc etc.

The WordPress foundation also provide tools for web developers to develop the new wordpress supporting tools like themes, plugins, application framework, custom content types and the latest script libraries. You can create either plugins or themes with this platform and submit it into respective plugin repository and theme repository. Like that other will work well and helps developer to improve the WordPress user experience. You can see the common features of wordpress in very details and keep reading till the end. To get more information, visit wiki page now.

Why Bloggers should use or Learn WordPress?

  1. One of the main reasons is that WP means complete freedom as compared to other blogging platforms such as, weebly, tumblr etc. It is open source license software which is easy to install, setup and have complete freedom to customize it according to your needs. For the customization, 3000+ WP Themes of different types (magazine, simple blog, portfolio, website, business, news site, photography etc) and 44000+ wordpress plugins fully available as free.
  2. Learning WordPress is very easy task and it is also fully user-friendly blogging platform. There are millions of people starting their blogs or websites in this open source platform, because it is easy to create and use even if you are a newbie or beginner level blogger. WordPress community is very active and gives lot of supports to users. The developers are always available to help you in the community sites to solve the common tech problems.
  3. Another reason is that wide availability of different types of wordpress themes and useful plugins for free of cost. As compared to other web 2.0 blogging platforms, it supports their users with complete manner by providing customization resources for their blogs as per requirements. WordPress themes help to gives the looks as you needed for your blog. If you are planning to run a photography site, photographic themes are available in the themes section. Like that, simple blog themes, news theme, magazine theme, eCommerce theme, responsive theme and more categories.
  4. WordPress plugins also helps in customization of blogs, which create solid connection between social media and give better hype to your blogs. Plugins are different types which do functions such as website tracking, social media sharing, ads management, post scheduler, image optimization, media purposes, security and more. Moreover, you don’t worry about any of the things and as per requirements most of the tools are available for creating professional blog or website with WP.
  5. WordPress is well known as highly secured blogging platform as compared to competitors like, tumblr and weebly. It is developed in good security environment and which allows running your blog with complete safety. There is lot of security plugins helps to improve the security feature and provide additional protection to blogs.
  6. WP is totally search engine optimized platform and very SEO friendly, because of the code quality produces better semantic mark up which makes it attractive to most of the search engines robots in the world. There are better SEO plugins are available to improves the search engine visibility of your site.
  7. The developers provide regular updates to WP which provides additional features and make it easy to use. You can get updates through your WordPress admin dashboard, which are arranged in good manner. So, there is no difficulity in doing things through this platform. And it also provides protection to your contents by wordpress backups feature.
  8. Medias like photos, inforgraphics, videos, documents etc can convey ideas better than 1000 words post or article wrote in your blog site. WP allows you to handle the mulitimedias efficiently without any problems and easily connect with host account and users can access it any time.

These are the very common reason to beginners should use or learn WP blogging software platform. Read also 6 Benefits of Self Hosted WP Blogs as Compared to Free Blogging Platforms

What are the Features of WordPress Blogging Platform?

A software is always tied with lot of features as per it uses. Like that, WP blog software also has some main features which provide reliability, user-friendliness and ease to use.  Let us see WP features one by one in detailed manner.

Simple and Flexible

One of the main advantages of the WP are that simplicity and flexibility. You can make your content online and publish it with less procedure as compared to other blogging platforms. The quick website creation and publishing is very easy with it. It is also very flexible to make blog or website as per your need. You can create personal blog, business website, photographic blog, news site, online store website, magazines site, portfolio, gallery, arcade, online community site etc. The WordPress themes and plugins are also helps this blogger platform more flexible than the others.

Easy Installation and Updates

Installation of self-hosted WP is easier with good web hosting providers like Bluehost or Hostgator give installers helps to install it within 2 to 3 minutes. Other WordPress installation options are also available are using your computer, using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), using quick install and other apps. The updates and WordPress upgrade are always available and developer’s takes lot of efforts to make it a clean from errors and ease to use by improving the dashboard and features.

Wide range of  WordPress Themes and Useful Plugins

There are 3000+ free wordpress themes are available which helps to get beautiful and professional look to your blog or website as per the types. If you wish to start photography blog, you can install photography related theme within 2 to 3 clicks. Like themes, WP plugins helps to customize and make your blog integrate with social media, security, SEO, forums, gallery, spam protections and other supports. Mainly install the useful plugins which are need for your blog, otherwise it will slow down your website or blog and affects search engine rankings and loss of readers.

Write, Publish and Built-in Comments Tools

WordPress user interface is very simple and online writer is similar to your Microsoft Word document software interface. You can easily create post, pages, insert photos, links, embedding videos etc. It also helps to categorize your posts by adding category and tags. Then click the single publish button to make your content live in the internet. The built-in comment form helps to readers and followers to engage with your content and getting better feedback about your post from the real readers. There is lot of chance to get spam comments, so better to install Akismet plugin in your helps to avoid it.

User Management

User tool is very useful if your blog contains lot of authors to write or start company blog. You can divide the responsibility as per the user and access like administrator, editor, contributor, author, subscriber etc. No need to give full access to everyone and Users too helps to add as per the designation of your co-workers.

Media Management

While writing articles, if you add relevant pictures or photos, it will convey your idea very easily to readers. For that WordPress provide easy addition of Medias and you edit the media within the wordpress media manager, resize, crop, custom urls, media linking etc.


WP is not limited to English and supports over 70 foreign languages which helps worldwide coverage of this best blogging software. You can create your blog in English and you also wish to translate in other languages, wordpress translator helps to do with ease.

Search Engine Friendly

Without traffic any blog site or website is useless and less chance to make money with them. For making money and good traffic, search engine optimization is mandatory and with give organic search traffic. WordPress coding system is made in high quality and which helps to attract the search engines. Also SEO plugins are take care of the SEO jobs and makes your job little easier as compared with Blogspot platform.

Minimum System Requirements

The minimum system requirement is set considering the security and proper working of the WP platform in your web hosting. Below say the conditions for the best system specification to install WordPress blog site.

PHP v5.6 or higher versions

MySQL v5.6 or higher /MariaDB v10.0 or higher versions

Apache / Nginx server

The lesser versions are more vulnerable to security issues and so, better to keep these system requirements for installing your WordPress blog.


WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms which provide simple, flexible, user-friendly and secure platform to users. You can easily publish your articles and ingrate your blog with social and internet. It is completely free of cost and only you need to pay for web hosting and domain name. But, it very useful in terms of blogging aspects and have several advantages also. Before going to select the web hosting, must check the minimum system requirements and select “Linux” type, which have very less issues. I hope you guys got a little idea about the WP blogging software. I n the next WordPress tutorial, I will introduce the different user-interface of WordPress with images.

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